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12 Aug 2010 Postal Bulletin – minor clarifications

Today’s Postal Bulletin has a number of DMM revisions that are mainly clarifications or slight rewordings of existing regulations:

  • Commercial Flats Clarification [update and rearrange DMM text]
  • Clarification of Standards for Parcel Select [removal of loyalty and growth rebates, requiring return addresses]
  • New Font Size Option for OELs
  • Confirmation services to Northern Marian Islands – 96952
  • Delivery Address Visibility in Window Envelopes

As far as the functioning of Presort goes, none of these articles appear to affect it, although there may be some slight changes for mailers in how they may set up particular jobs: for example, the OEL item allows using an 8-point font for the OEL on mailpieces that don’t bear a traditional ACS code (well, that’s a Label setup issue, not a Presort one). Anyway, there won’t be any Presort changes needed as a result of this PB’s contents.

We were anticipating there would be an article about the recent changes to a number of label lists in the DMM, but that article is not here. On August 2, as some of you well know, there were updates made to the online DMM before any publication of what the changes were or when they would actually be required, what seems to be an increasingly common occurrence. Text in the electronic distribution of that data even indicated there would be an article in the 12-Aug PB, but somehow it did not get in there.

For just one example, the L009 table for Mixed ADCs moved the Minneapolis ZIPs to Des Moines, so Mixed ADC containers that were previously labeled to Minneapolis should be labeled to Des Moines. This type of change is consistent with the changes to NDC processing the USPS has announced previously, with treating NDC facilities in different “tiers” to consolidate more processing at central locations like Des Moines.

Anyway, if you are having any acceptance issues because of directory changes, Customer Assurance should now have access to the information about the changes. Those changes, BTW, are not required until 14 October 2010, so you really should not be having issues with that right now.

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  • I’ve shared a few emails with the National Customer Support Center (NCSC) Labeling Lists group in the past 2 days. First, they “just received a response from HQ that said the document was inadvertently omitted from the August 12th Postal Bulletin.  It will be published in the August 28th Postal Bulletin.”

    Regarding the data files we as vendors get with label list changes, I was told:
    “The data files that you receive used to have the same publish date as the Postal Bulletin where the changes could be found.  Last year, USPS Headquarters changed the publish date for the data files to the same publish date as the DMM.  This was so that the data resources would be consistent and updated at the same time.  The Postal Bulletin following the data files/DMM publish data will contain the changes. …So, we have started publishing a ‘change file’ that is included with each data files release.”

    To me, this says every time there is a label list update from now on it will happen in advance of anything being published about it. We (at SAP) should receive a list of those changes, essentially a copy of the article that will be published later in the PB, but of course you as a customer will need to know that we have it if you need that kind of help, because we won’t get the change list until just before the next directory change, which is long after we release the previous files. Presumably the acceptance units should know about this ‘change file’, but evidently that’s not always the case.