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Dear aBI – SAP BusinessObjects – Installation and Getting started

As part of the BI Expert teams for the “Dear aBI”  gives advice on Business Intelligence, here another set of answers to some of the questions that have been put forward.


“InfoCube” from India is asking the following question:


Dear aBI


How do i download the BOBJ software? I mean I have to Download the client tools for my desktop… More over the one which I use to work till now got some problem with the License expiry… So If i can reinstall in my system will that solve the problem or Do I need to reinstall at my Server side.. Or else if i can change the date in the server side will that wok ?

Please let me know 

Advance thanks



As a great place to start with SAP BusinessObjects, I would suggest the following:




The first part will explain where you can find the SAP BusinessObjects software and which components you should download. The Getting Started material provides you with more material around the installation of the software.


The installation does contain client and server components. In case of the license keys expiring the client tools will prompt you for another license key and for the server you would have to replace the keycode in the Central Management Console (CMC). There is no need to reinstall the software on the client or on the server.


I hope this answers your questions.

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