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Sort by Ratings in SCN Catalogs

About a year ago we introduced user ratings and reviews on articles, eLearnings and downloads. This functionality was quickly adopted by SCN members. To date many assets have been rated and members have posted some very insightful and useful reviews.


In an effort to extend the power of ratings we’ve now added the ability to sort by ratings in the article, eLearning and download catalogs. This allows you to easily filter for the highest rated content.



New Article catalog allows for sort by rating


Another change that we’ll be introducing soon is moving all of our eLearning catalogs to an easier to read table format. Users can sort by the column headings of rating, title, or date. The abstract and other relevant information appears when the cursor hovers over the title. Here’s a sneak peak at how the new eLearning catalogs will soon look:



 Sample of the new table format for eLearning catalogs


With ratings and reviews we are trying to improve the quality of assets on SCN. Each rating is important and we encourage you to rate and review the articles that you read and the eLearnings that you view. We hope you find the ability to sort by ratings beneficial and we’re always interested in hearing your feedback. In the future we hope to also incorporate ratings into the SCN search results, so stay tuned for that.

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  • Looks like I just lost my comment that I tried to post due to some bug (auto-logout followed by login request, followed by a new blog comment page without any content), so let me try to recreate it…

    This is a cool feature, though it seems to me that most articles (probably other content as well) lack a sufficient number of ratings yet. So I’d say there should be some serious promotion – apart from this blog 😉 – to encourage people to provide ratings.

    I’ve tested the feature of sorting articles by rating and I’d definitely like to see the number of ratings in the overview screens. I.e. a document with lots of good ratings might still be preferable to me to a document with one excellent rating.

    The part that surprised me is that I expected the number of ratings to matter when sorting by rating. However, it seemed that the number of ratings is not used as a tie-breaker and I couldn’t quite fathom what it is (definitely not date, maybe number of views); can you please elaborate on that (and if there is none yet, I suggest to introduce the number of ratings)?

    I’m looking forward to see ratings also in the search pages, though again, in the overview I’d really love to see the number of ratings there as well. Enhancing the capabilities of the platform to allow us to get more easily to the valuable content we’re looking for is something we truly appreciate – thanks.

    • Hi Harald,

      Thanks for your remarks. Allow me to respond on behalf of Christine – she was due to leave for vacation just after posting the blog, so she tapped me to help answer any questions 🙂

      While we may not have a “sufficient” amount of ratings yet, I believe we will gradually reach a critical mass of ratings and reviews on our assets – articles, eLearning, and soon Downloads. Exposing ratings through these pages, and eventually via search, will help us achieve better numbers.

      The number of ratings is in fact indicated on the overview (cover) page – this is stated as “4.0 of 5 (8 reviews)” – users are required to post a review with their rating, so the number is the same.

      Re: the “tie-breaker” concept: I’m not sure so I’ll have to come back to you on that.

      • Hi Brian, thanks a lot for the quick answer. Can you briefly indicate what overview/cover page you are referring to? I’ve looked at articles, e-learning and downloads by category and then sorted by rating – I didn’t see the number of reviews there. I wonder if you are referring to what I’d call the “detail” page, i.e. a page for an individual article, etc.
        Now it’s our turn to start rating content. I must admit I hadn’t done that so far, but I’ll keep that in mind for my future reading here on SCN. 😉
        Cheers, harald
        • Hi – What you refer to as the ‘detail’ page is what we call the overview/ratings/cover page.  At the bottom right of this page is a link that mentions the number of ratings. Clicking it will expand the page so that you can see them all. (e.g. “See all 8 reviews”)
          • But the point that I believe was being made (sorry Harald if I mistake your comments) is that you’d want to know about the number of reviews on the search result page – not after drilling into the result. That an article has 20 reviews is an important point.

            Still – any improvement in the search functionality is very welcome.

            Now, if we could just rate the forum post responses too…

          • Chris, you’re exactly right – thanks for the clarification on my behalf. 😉
            My terminology didn’t match SAP’s, but I’d consider an overview page one that lists all different objects. E.g. when sorting articles by rating, I don’t see currently the number of reviews unless I drill down into an individual article. Same applies of course for search results.