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Integration Aspects in Sustainability Reporting for Society KPI under GRI Framework – Part S2.

Please see Part S1 for continuation.

Integration Aspects in Sustainability Reporting  for Society KPI under GRI Framework – Part  S1.

Aspect: Corruption (Conti…)


SO4 Actions taken in response to incidents of corruption.


In HR sub module, under the “Personnel Administration”, we can add “additional actions” in the infotype 0302, like serving a memo or warning notice or suspension or dismissal order, in addition to the actions infotype 0000. The reason for the suspension or dismissal or other actions can be listed as “incidents of corruption” and the data can be taken in the form of a report using the relevant filter/ selection condition.


Perhaps, this data can also be captured in the Records and Case Management, from which we can report it on. For small organizations, the data collection can be manual or through SuPM.


Aspect: Public Policy


SO5 Public policy positions and participation in public policy development and lobbying.


The presence of any employees on the board of advisory panels to the government like NASSCOM (National Association of software and service companies), CII (Confederation of Indian Industries) etc., which advises the government (here, Indian Government) on the formulation of rules / regulations / laws / tax incentives etc., is what is meant here.


This is a qualitative disclosure and preferably, has to be done manually.


SO6 Total value of financial and in-kind contributions to political parties, politicians, and related institutions by country.


This typically requires a General Ledger (GL) to be created for donations and all donations be posted as expenses to the GL, with elaborate line item details. With relevant selection conditions, the amounts spend on political parties, country-wise, can be taken.


The in-kind contribution, in terms of gifts and other items, can perhaps be collected manually.


Aspect: Anti-Competitive Behavior


SO7 Total number of legal actions for anti-competitive behavior, anti-trust, and monopoly practices and their outcomes.


The data on the legal side can perhaps be captured best by the Records and Case Management module. Having this particular module will perhaps be a best investment for companies aiming for the Sustainability reporting as all the legal action/ fines/ etc. under different dimensions like Labor/ Human Rights can be captured in it, along with the reason.


Again for small and medium organization, manual data collection will be sufficient.


Aspect: Compliance


SO8 Monetary value of significant fines and total number of non-monetary sanctions for non-compliance with laws and regulations.


Similar to donations in SO6, we need to create a General Ledger – GL for “Fines” and items for fines needs to be posted to it. This will make easy reporting the total amounts paid as fine to the government.


The second part can ideally be collected from Records and Case Management. The data collection can also be manual for small or non-hazardous industries like software firms.




Whenever a part of the data is already lying in the SAP system, it is always recommended to go for enhancement and/or customization to capture the required information in total.


Of the 8 KPI in Society Performance Indicator,


  1. SO1, SO5         can be collected manually or through SuPM.
  2. SO3                  through HCM – Training & Events Management.
  3. SO4, SO7         can be through Records and Case Management.
  4. SO2                  through FI Master Data based.
  5. SO6, SO8         through FI- Accounts Payable.


Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in this blog are purely my personal opinions and has no legal liability on my employer or affiliates or parent organization.

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