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IBS Solution Export Excellence now SAP certified


The IBS Export Excellence solves the long running gap of SAP BW Webreporting, the printing.
SAP provided together with SAP BI 7.x the possibility to export the current state of web application into PDF. But if you take a look at the following SAP Web Report:


The generated result would look like this:

This result is not satisfying for customers, and endusers are supprised that the result does not match the Screen.
Also it is not possible to export these report into Microsoft office products ( beside Excel).
Wouldn’t it be nice to have a solution for this gap?
Now we are able to provide a comprehensive solution for that gap you can visit us in the SAP Ecohub.

Functions in Detail

PDF Export & Printing

Most users of a BI system – controllers, analysts, or the occasional information consumer – like to have printed pages of their current web template navigation. The SAP standard print-out does not meet this requirement.

IBS Export Excellence however creates a perfect copy of the Web Application in its current layout and navigation state – including layout, custom HTML, Table Interfaces and images (WYSIWYG). If necessary, certain areas of the Web Template can be marked not to appear in the resulting PDF document. Page-breaks can be included if the Web Template is too big for a one-page printout.

You can also create templates to include page headers or footers, as well as define page borders, orientation and size.Being fully integrated into SAP BW Broadcasting, IBS Export Excellence also supports automatic distribution of exports.


PowerPoint Export

IBS PowerPoint Export allows you to export charts and tables of a BI Web Template to Microsoft PowerPoint. Very similar to the Word Export, you can upload PowerPoint Presentations as fully-formatted templates, including e.g. your corporate presentation layout and texts, as well as placeholders for charts and tables that shall be exported. These placeholders are then replaced when exporting a BI Web Template.

Without using such a template, the export will include all Web Items of the Web Template in a PowerPoint document, which you can use as a source for creating your presentation.

In addition to the export to PowerPoint, this component also allows for printouts with pixel-precise layout. This means thatPowerPoint templates are used for the export to Adobe PDF document for printing. In contrast to the “exact match”-printouts that the PDF Export creates, using this feature you can generate fully-formatted printouts, on which charts, tables and other Web Items of the BI Web Template can be positioned just in the way you want them to appear!


Word Export

If today you want to create a briefing book with charts out of BI Reports, you have to struggle taking individual screenshots of all necessary charts and fitting them into your text. Wouldn’t it be nice to create such a briefing book with just one click?

With IBS Word Export you can upload a Word Document as a template for exports, fully-formatted including all your texts, graphs and table of contents, as well as placeholders at those places where you want to include a chart or table from a BI Web Template. Using the Export function, the placeholders will be replaced by Web Items of the Web Template. Table views are even included as editable tables, including exceptions!

In combination with PDF Export, you can create print outs from fully-formatted Word Templates.

If you want to refresh exported documents directly from MS Office, you can benefit from our tight integration with BI Office eXcellence, the BI add-on to Microsoft Office 2003 and 2007!

Integration in your template

1.) The integration is quite easy. Open your Web Template in SAP BW Web Application Designer 7.x and include a custom Extension Item

2.) Change Extension parameters


3.) Now save the template and execute the template again:


3.) Now we press the PDF Export button:


This is the result we would expect 😉

4.) Now we click on the export to PPT button.

The only thing you need to do for that result is to create a powerpoint presentation with textboxes which contains the name of the Items in textboxes.
The size of the textbox is the size of the item later in the presentation.
These Template are stored in the SAP system, and can be maintained through a BSP Application.

5.) now we click the Word Export Button

Things you will love us for 😉

Sometimes the layout capabilities of HTML are limited to print purposes, Microsoft products like Powerpoint, or Winword offer an excellent support for printing. Wouldn’t it be absolutely amazing to have an export whjch combines both features.
To do so simply add one parameter to our Export Extension item:

Now the result looks as below :

here from Doc File.

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