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How I use my TOGAF/SOA Skills in Solution Architecting around Netweaver Technologies.

My Experience:

We have solutions for all aspects of a company’s operations from SAP, including customer relations, product lifecycles, supply chains, human resources and warehousing, And we help in combining these solutions to suite appropriate for each client.

We get involved in the design and implementation in stages, to ensure a smooth transition. We recognize the fact the balance between flexibility, manageability andadaptability is a very fine line. We get a specification with the data that needs to be processed, who does what, where everything is, and why everything is done. I never get into jump start on reviewing and coding, either it’s a small requirement or a big requirement from the complex system theory my understanding is turbulence is caused by the spontaneous interactions between parts of the system and the changing environment.

How I work:

Understand the context; iterate it to get the context right with stake holders. Now explain the big picture of Netweaver, map each and every requirement to solution from Netweaver unless until there is an existing alternative from the client. Now that I have my context and technology platform defined and start defining Business architecture, Technical architecture (technology components involved) and Information systems architecture (mainly integration aspects). I’m almost done with leveraging of my TOGAF skills, so I look at it as solution and start applying my SOA skills…….   I will stop here, before I go on my SOA experience blog.

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  • You know you can create a Wiki page for yourself – where this sort of information might be useful.

    I, personally, can’t see how the information provided justified a blog posting. But that’s just me.