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DMS documents into ABAP Web Dynpro

It started out with an easy requirement.  Doesn’t it always?  Using our “new to us” tool – ABAP Web Dynpro – pull in documents from our DMS system.   This would be my second Web Dynpro application.   Disclaimer: This is just a small piece of what we need to do.

The starting requirement:

Display an image and a PDF for a functional Location.

Here is a functional location from SAP. 


Here’s an example of the different document types attached to it:

So we had clear requirements…  ( sort of clear really )

Zenna Tinsay and I were working together on this project.   We had just taken a Web Dynpro class.  At least the course work was a good starting place.

We did try to find a good Web Dynpro consultant.  However, we needed to get this started quickly. 

We looked at SCN for about a week, and tried a lot of different things.  We couldn’t figure out how to get our document from the DMS server to the ECC server to the internet.  We could pull up a document in MIME.  We could pull up an image via MIME.  However, we couldn’t seem to get the information from the DMS server.   

 We tried:

  • Looking at the WDR_TEST* programs in SE80 in our system. 
  • Reading forums, blogs, anything on the net

Here are a handful of the links that we used.  We used this and many more.  These are the links that I remember.

None of them gave us the complete solution. 

Solution time:

After banging our heads against the wall, Zenna came up with a solution.  The solution we came up with is documented in the Code Gallery.  I welcome anyone who knows Web Dynpro or DMS or any combination to take a look and modify the page.    Remember this is the second Web Dynpro I’ve ever done.

Here’s an example of the final result.  The tree is on the left.  It is a recursive tree on functional location.  The right side has a PDF file displayed.  And on the bottom is the image.  We have more to do.  But this is a start!

 I recently read a blog about blogs, articles, WIKIs.  It was interesting.  So – I know you are thinking to yourself – Blog versus Article?  You put it in the code gallery.

  1. To call out some of the information we used from the forum.
  2. To validate that – yes – SCN is a good place to get information.
  3. Not everyone sees newly added pages.  A blog highlights the page, and makes it easier to search.
  4. Thanks to a GREAT comment – to detail the functional side of the problem.
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  • I think it is worthwhile you blogging – I certainly don’t have an RSS feed running from the code gallery. But it would have been nice if you could have shown us a little more of you finished solution in the blog, a picture paints a thousand words they say!
    I’d be quite interested in actually seeing from a functional rather than technical side how you approached the problem/solution. How would you design a UI to allow users to access a DMS?
    • You are right.  I didn’t even think of the functional side of things in the blog.   I’ll update it when I’m home!   I’ve been having technical difficulties.

      Stay tuned,