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StreamWork, full speed ahead

There has been a torrent of speculation about StreamWork since Google announced yesterday that they would cease investment in Wave as a standalone product.  StreamWork has always been fully complementary to Wave, as it is with other horizontal collaboration environments.

We have been working with the Google team recently, and showed Wave and Watch that stream become a wave, a co-innovation that we found very interesting, and we announced at the time that we intended our customers to benefit from the combined work within a year.

I am happy to state that we intend to beat that timeline.

There are many aspects to the Wave technology, not the least of which is the intersection with OpenSocial and Gadgets.  These are some of the technologies which we employed in the federation, for example.  These are some examples of the co-innovations which may show up in our products.

From the beginning of the StreamWork effort, we have been committed to not forcing people to change how they work when they are productive with their tools.  We are completely open from that perspective.  Due to the excitement around Wave and some of the parallel experience patterns, we were excited to federate with it, but we never relied upon it.  We want the StreamWork experience to show up everywhere you work, and as those tools change we will change with them.  To date, we continue to refine the product regularly and add features based on customer requests and voting.

One comment we heard with respect to Wave was people struggling with lack of direction and lack of context.  Directional work is a core design point of StreamWork, and SAP has oodles of context.  Oodles.  So, in other words, we are more excited than ever by the uptake, momentum, and direction of the StreamWork effort.  You will see StreamWork being connected to more and more applications within SAP and outside SAP.

One last thought: we have enjoyed working with the Wave team tremendously; hats off to a first-rate team that grabbed some daunting engineering challenges head on and made progress for the industry!  And we have a feeling that the fun is far from over.

Please give us your feedback, your concerns, and your excitements, so we can work them out together.

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  • Wave was technology with no killer use case. As excited I was about the promise and the technology, nothing ever emerged as a focused reason for me to get engaged, despite Google’s invitation.

    On the other hand, my colleagues and I were able to hit the ground running with Streamwork to make decisions across TZ and GEO boundaries without a giant trail of email; focused purpose, clear use case.

  • As we’ve said before, we are at the beginning of a journey.  I’m glad you’ve found immediate value; I’m confident with our regular and rapid releases tied directly to user feedback (we’ve completed 123 suggestions so far) we will continue to make it more valuable for you.

    Thank you for your use!

  • For me, the most important part of Wave was that it was ambitious and dared to challenge the tyrrany of e-mail. This is what I’ve been presenting on in several occasions

    E-mail has remained unchanged for 40 years but is still where and how most business decisions are done. I believe we’re definitely up for a paradigm change, and Wave was an important catalyzator for speeding up this process.

    A lot of users on the internet have already moved away from e-mail; for example a lot of digitale natives only have an e-mail account in order to register on facebook. Now the enterprise need to look more closely at the business case for changing the e-mail rule.

    IMHO StreamWork came at just the right point of time and I will follow it closely.

  • let me tell you why it would have a hard time being accepted here…enterprise browsers have their security settings block most of functionality…so, unsure how i could demo it to anyone who showed interest.
    • What security settings exactly?  I thought we were rather locked down here, and it works great 😉

      If it is a Flash issue a bunch of that is moving to HTML.  If it is a JS issue we’d like to know about it.

      • HTML is probably a good idea, especially for Apple fans, and where would you like me send the attachments with JS errors?

        my browser is pretty much locked up and all i get is:

        “Some settings are managed by your system administrator”

        Why won’t Windows allow me to change a system setting?

        If your computer is part of a network at an organization such as a school or a business, your organization’s system administrator might have disabled or even removed certain settings by using Group Policy.

  • I am particularly impressed that the Streamwork’s team found time to invest early in mobility.  In many companies the key players on any project are unlikely to be in the same city or even country.  Mobile support enables Streamworks to remain relevant and useful for those on the move.