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About document change rule

  • When the doument change rule can be used?
After a document was posted, and you found a value in one field was wrong entered and you don’t want to reverse this document as well,  then you can consider to define a document change rule for correct this wrong value to right one.
  • How to define a clearing rule?
     In tcode:OB32, create a new entry with :
  1. Account Type-> A:Asset or D:Customers or K:Vendors or M:Material or S:G/L accounts or leave it as blank( blank means for all account type)
  2. Field name, Comapany code( same with account type, if company code is defined as blank,  it means this change rule defined is for for all company code)
  3. Special G/L Transaction Type if the change rule defined is for the special G/L line item
  4. Tick the flag of “Field can be changed”
  5. Select additional conditions for changing this field in area”Stipulations for changing”
I will give a example below for easy understanding this functionality:
Document:10000900 with BSEG-ZTERM(Payment term):’0001′ was posted on 30.07.2010 as folllowing in tcode:FB02(ZTERM is not changable).


Later I found the’0001′ in BSEG-ZTERM was wrong, the correct one should be ‘0002’, if I don’t define the document change rule, the ZTERM in the line item is grey out in tcode:FB02 and can not be changed.


If I define a posting rule in tcode:OB32, then BSEG-ZTERM can be edited(example change it from ‘0001’ to ‘0002’):


 tcode:FB02->Payment term(ZTERM) can be changed.
Addition, if the problem “although the document change rule was defined, but this field still can not be changed” happened, suggest you to check as below:
  1. Fields defined in tcode:OB32 are used in the FI-SL field movement or not,  if yes, then for keeping the consistency between FI and SL document, these fields usually can not be changed in standard SAP system( via checking the return code in function module: G_CHECK_FIELD_USED_IN_GLX in tcode:SE37, you can confirm these fields are used as movement fields or  not in SL ),details please refer to note:827413.  if you still want to change these field via modification, the solution written in note:79760 can be considered to use.
  2. Fields that are used in the NewGL for a ledger or not, if yes, then these fields can not be changed anymore as written in note:967368.


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  • Gladys,

    Nice Document.Thanks for sharing.

    Do we have a similar thing for MM (ME21N) where we can control the field attributes.