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Café Innovation – What do SAP customers want?

“What do SAP customers want?” Okay, this is a very broad question, and I confess I decided to start this post with this question because I succumbed to the sound of it! There is a new mood inside SAP that is strongly focused on providing additional value to its customers. One such program is around the Premier Customer Network (PCN). In recent times, organizations have struggled to seek ways to drive more out of their enterprise investments. This is obviously recognized by many. The PCN effort at SAP focuses precisely on this aspect; this group’s central purpose is to treat the success and happiness of its customers as a critical mission. Having worked on all sides of the equation within the SAP ecosystem, I am now at SAP serving the direct interests of SAP’s premier customers. Fundamental to succeeding in this role is answering a vital question: What do these SAP customers want?

Long-time SAP customers know the importance of Support and have likely got appropriate mechanisms in place – internal or from SAP, or even a partner; they may experience a case from time to time that calls for significant escalation but they seek something more out of their relationships with SAP than mere easy and speedy resolution of these cases. They are, likely, more desirous of a comprehensive partnership with SAP whereby they can gain an advantage in obtaining cutting-edge knowledge around emerging technologies, and what SAP is cooking up in its labs around the world! I would venture to say that these customers would very much like some proactive guidance on how best to manage their respective SAP landscapes today, and well into the foreseeable future. With significant dollars invested in their respective SAP footprints, they would like to learn of additional ways to extract greater returns from those investments; perhaps even drive new competitive advantage from them. Many would be desirous of making a lasting impact within the ecosystem by collaborating with SAP on innovative new solutions that could energize process excellence initiatives across the board which in turn could fuel further innovation.

This is where the SAP Premier Customer Network (PCN) programs come into play! If you are a customer within this network, then you will find that these programs are geared toward enabling you to become more proficient in how you leverage your network within the SAP ecosystem, and how well you take advantage of the channels proffered by SAP to become more successful with your SAP investments. At their core, these programs are about taking actual issues / problem statements/ use cases experienced by PCN customer(s) to arrive at game-changing strategies and solutions for the latter. These programs are focused on putting the spotlight squarely on the said customer, not merely as an entity that feeds into SAP’s revenue numbers, but instead as a comprehensive partner whose success is considered essential to SAP’s success as well! This reinvigorated bond between PCN customers and SAP is going to make for a whole new chapter in the coming decade.

I am excited about this SAP initiative, and thrilled to be right in the middle of it!

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