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Web Dynpro ABAP Content at TechEd 2010

This year you can expect to see a variety of sessions touching on the Web Dynpro ABAP topic at TechEd. In this blog, I will point out some of the key sessions covering Web Dynpro ABAP as well as provide some content you might want to review before arriving at TechEd.

Track Structure

The first major change that is effecting Web Dynpro ABAP content at TechEd this year is that there is no longer a User Productivity track. Instead this year, User Productivity topics are mostly a sub track within Custom Development. If you remember back to TechEd 2009, we had some Web Dynpro ABAP sessions in Custom Development and some in User Productivity. This was done only because of internal budgets during the TechEd planning process, but led to confusion among attendees that were looking for unified track of Web Dynpro ABAP education.

So this year you can view all the Web Dynpro ABAP related content within the Custom Development Track:
Las Vegas

The other major change this year was the expansion of Web Dynpro ABAP content. New sessions were added and lectures were expanded from 1 to 2 hours. I will discuss some of this new material in detail in a moment, but first let’s talk about what we had to cut.  In order to make room for all the new material, we did have to cut something from previous years. 

Introduction To Web Dynpro ABAP 

We have been presenting the introduction to Web Dynpro ABAP since 2005. Therefore it became a prime target for our reduction efforts. In past years we have conducted a 1 hour lecture and a 4 hour hands-on for the introduction to Web Dynpro ABAP. The slides and presentation material are the same between these two sessions and often attendees went to both.

Therefore we made a decision to no longer offer the 1 hour lecture version. As many customers are still just experiencing Web Dynpro ABAP for the first time as their companies upgrade we want to support their efforts. The 4 hour hands-on will remain. It is session CD160 (Las Vegas / Berlin).  We believe that the time spent hands-on with the development environment is one of the best ways to learn the tool.

We didn’t completely discard the lecture version of the materials, however. Instead we decided the best way to service those who wish to begin learning Web Dynpro ABAP is to provide these materials as eLearning Videos all the time (for free) on SDN. Here are links to this eLearning series:

Introduction to Web Dynpro ABAP: Part 1
This eLearning explains in depth the Web Dynpro programming model and how to develop Web Dynpro applications within the ABAP workbench. In this first part we begin by explaining the motivations in the design of Web Dynpro.

Introduction to Web Dynpro ABAP: Part 2
This eLearning explains in depth the Web Dynpro programming model and how to develop Web Dynpro applications within the ABAP workbench. In this second part we discuss the Web Dynpro ABAP programming model.

Introduction to Web Dynpro ABAP: Part 3
This eLearning explains in depth the Web Dynpro programming model and how to develop Web Dynpro applications within the ABAP workbench. In this third part we learn about the View and placing UI elements on the screen.

Introduction to Web Dynpro ABAP: Part 4
This eLearning explains in depth the Web Dynpro programming model and how to develop Web Dynpro applications within the ABAP workbench. In this fourth part we explor how to model data in the context and respond to events with event handler methods of the controller.

Introduction to Web Dynpro ABAP: Part 5
This eLearning explains in depth the Web Dynpro programming model and how to develop Web Dynpro applications within the ABAP workbench. In this fifth part we expand our project to include the Component Controller, Context Mapping and multiple Views.

Introduction to Web Dynpro ABAP: Part 6
This eLearning explains in depth the Web Dynpro programming model and how to develop Web Dynpro applications within the ABAP workbench. In this sixth part we look at multiple component usage and navigation plugs.

Introduction to Web Dynpro ABAP: Part 7
This eLearning explains in depth the Web Dynpro programming model and how to develop Web Dynpro applications within the ABAP workbench. In this seventh and final part we explorer integration possibilities in the form of NetWeaver Portal, NetWeaver Business Client, Interactive Forms by Adobe and Flash Islands.

New and Expanded Web Dynpro ABAP Sessions

If we look at the rest of the Web Dynpro ABAP session offerings at TechEd this year, you will see that there are many new and expanded session. CD105 (Las Vegas / Berlin) will once again focus on the delta features of NetWeaver 7.0 Enhancement Package 1 and 2, but this year has been expanded to 2 hours. This should provide more time for additional details on the Floorplan Manager and Islands technologies as well as expanded demos and a look at the future roadmap.

CD163 – Creating Mashup User Interfaces with the New Web Dynpro ABAP Page Builder  (Las Vegas / Berlin) is one of two new sessions this year that focus completely on Web Dynpro ABAP. In this two hour hands-on session you will get your first opportunity to use the new Page Builder framework that will ship with NetWeaver 7.0 Enhancement Package 2.

CD203 – Best Practices for Designing Web Dynpro ABAP User Interfaces (Las Vegas / Berlin) is a new 2 hour lecture designed for experienced WDA developers who want to learn from some of SAP’s best practices for the UI design as well as technical architecture and performance of large scale Web Dynpro ABAP applications.

In addition, there are several other sessions that will have interaction with Web Dynpro ABAP related topics.  If you are a Web Dynpro ABAP developer or want to become one, we would also suggest the following sessions:

CD102 – SAP Interactive Forms by Adobe: Enhancements and New Developments
Las Vegas / Berlin

CD103 – Choosing the Right UI Technology for the Right Project
Las Vegas / Berlin

CD164 – Using SAP NetWeaver Business Client
Las Vegas / Berlin

CD217 – Building Interactive UIs Utilizing Page Builder and SAP BusinessObjects
Xcelsius in SAP NetWeaver Business Client
Las Vegas / Berlin

CD264 – Creating Online and Offline Form Processing Scenarios with Adobe forms and Web Dynpro for ABAP
Las Vegas / Berlin

CD266 – ABAP Development: Update Your Skills to SAP NetWeaver 7 and Beyond
Las Vegas / Berlin
This session always focuses on new development techniques at each layer (Persistence/Business Logic, Services Consumption/Provisioning, User Interface) as well as how the layers interact with one another. This year for the UI layer we will focus on the Web Dynpro ABAP Floorplan Manager and Generic UI Building Blocks via Feeder Classes.

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    • The final track structure and schedule for Bangalore hasn’t been set or published yet. However given past history, I’m sure many if not all of these sessions I mentioned will also be offered at that TechEd as well. As soon as the schedule for Bangalore is published I will update the blog with links to any session I mentioned that will also be offered there.
  • Thanks for these free elearning materials. Great quality, no doubt in my mind. However I would like to share a concern I have with elearning in

    I am trying to learn Web Dynpro on a system with EhP1, SP6. I reviewed 3 of your lessons with no issues. Part 4 also went well until I hit a brick wall, cl_nw_demo_lean_service_bp. I didn’t know I had to install demo services. I closed your session, started searching for cl_nw_demo_lean_service_bp. I read few blogs advising me to install demo services using Enterprise Services Builder in PI. Does this mean I can try your demo only on PI systems?

    Anytime I try to learn something new in SAP, I always hit major read-block. A few years ago, I purchased SDN subscription and tried installing SAP on windows server. I spent a lot of time and efforts; but never installed it in an useful state until my subscription expired after a year.

    I am also wondering how Apple is able to keep their elearning materials in sync with their customer’s development environment. I purchased a MacBook, downloaded iPhone SDK, free video lessons from Stanford(developed 10 months ago), learnt MVC, tried all demos with no issues. I started Apple learning 3-4 months ago; never hit a snag so far. And I made a good progress with your elearning materials because of my exposure to Apple elearning.

    What is the primary reason for this gap between SAP’s elearning materials and a few months older customer’s development environment? Is SAP innovating faster than Apple?

    Thanks for your time.

    • Are you sure you are searching for the right class?  Instead of cl_nw_demo_lean_service_bp, the class name is CL_NWDEMO_LEAN_SERVICE_BP.  It is in package S_NWDEMO_MODEL_BUSINESS_P which is part of the SAP_BASIS software component.

      At TechEd and in many eLearning materials we often use this NetWeaver Demo Model to avoid the very problem you describe.  This demo model is shipped with all NetWeaver 7.0 and higher based systems since 7.0 SP14 (and before that is was available as a separate transport).  That means that is should be in any ABAP based system of the most recent release levels regardless of application software used.  This should certainly be in your 7.01 SP6 system.

      >What is the primary reason for this gap between SAP’s elearning materials and a few months older customer’s development environment?

      Keep in mind that not all customers are on the same release level.  There are huge functionality differences in the development environments for ABAP in 7.01 and 7.02. You might very well come across materials that are designed to showcase new 7.02 features when your customer release level is still much older.  In the enterprise world we have the situation where releases are supported for 7 or more years. There are still customers running 4.6C (or older) – release level that was created in 1999 or before.

    • Re: “I always hit major read-block”

      imho, SAP is a corporate tool and Apple is a consumer tool. maybe, some day they will switch sides and work better with each other. for now, i can only confirm many difficulties with installing SAP and the ease of use with Apple. with that in mind, i’m thinking about installing ABAP stack on a Mac mini via VMware and MS Windows and eventually on Linux.
      my first obstacle is that my phone company (AT&T) didn’t call me to allocate the promised static IP addresses. not sure whom to blame, though since this is an unchartered territory.

  • Hi Thomas,

    with NW7.02 not likely to be in general release by TechEd should we be at all concerned that the sessions that look at NW7.02 developments will not reflect the true state of the system that we may be able to use (if tied into ECC EhP5) only later next year.

    With the SAP Help for NW7.02 having been recently removed, I’m concerned that there are major changes happening. I’m I being overly concerned?



    • TechEd isn’t just about learning on the release levels that you are currently running on, but also finding out about what is new and coming in the next year. TechEd is only once a year so we can’t always time things perfectly for the availability of that next release. However by all accounts even though BS7i2010 was delayed a little, it still will be in ramp-up relatively soon and most like in general availability before TechEd next year.

      This is also why not all material focuses only on 7.02 or 7.30.  There is also a lot of materials that provides learnings on current release levels.  We have mixture of both types of information in these WDA sessions.  There are some sessions like the introduction to WDA that are very targeted for anyone on 7.0 or 7.01.  Then there are sessions like the What’s New that will cover new features in both 7.01 and 7.02. Finally there are sessions like the one on the Page Builder that is totally focused on 7.02 functionality.

      • Thanks Thomas,
        I was more worried that some of the basic functionality of NW7.02 was being changed – i.e. how Page Builder or CHIPs worked and that stuff we might see/learn at TechEd will be very changed by the time we can use it on our own systems. But it seems that you’re not too concerned that this might happen – so I won’t waste my time worrying about it. 🙂
        The new sessions in particular look very interesting, and it is great that you’ve spent so much time putting together the introduction course as freely available eLearnings, they will be very valuable for many people.
        Thanks for all this work and letting us know about it.
        • Delay of BS7i2010 aside – NW 7.02 is done and “shipped” from our internal viewpoint. There is already at least one solution in ramp-up running on 7.02.  Development is knee deep in the next NetWeaver Enhancement package. So no there is no real major changes planned. There are a few backported additional features in 7.02 SP5, but those will be covered at TechEd as well.
  • Hi Thomas,

    Thanks for sharing.  I look forward to attending some of these lectures!

    I would also like to add my Las Vegas presentation to the list: CD214 – Implementing Custom Self Services using Web Dynrpo Java / ABAP.  The presentation will cover some of the differences between WD for ABAP / JAVA and concentrate on how these tools can be used to bring self services solutions to your company.  See you there!

  • Hi, Thomas. 

    I just saw your presentation at the Indiana ASUG chapter meeting last week.  I was wondering where I can get more information on changes to role design necessary to support the NetWeaver Business Client and/or to use and control access to various parts of the UI.

    Can you recommend a course at TechEd?  Can you point me to something online?


    Charles Welborne
    ITNS / OnePurdue Security
    Purdue University

  • Having been in some of your previous sessions at TechEd, I am very sure these will be some of the most interesting sessions at TechEd – I look forward to it!