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“I Shot the Problem”: the New Technology Troubleshooting Guide

The new and enhanced version of SAP Technology Troubleshooting Guide is now live on SDN.
What started as a small tree of problems related mainly to SAP NetWeaver Application Server Java 7.1 whose motto is “I Shot the Problem” has now grown into SAP Technology Troubleshooting Guide, which aims to expand beyond the boundaries of SAP NetWeaver and include other SAP products as well.

What’s new

After a recent export, the number of troubleshooting pages reached 2000. The updated guide covers most of the areas within the Java stack of SAP NetWeaver and more topics are in the line for joining.
The guide now contains solutions to common issues with:   

  • AS Java startup, configuration, CTC, upgrade, SAP NetWeaver Administrator
  • Applications – Web applications, Guided Procedures
  • Deployment and undeployment
  • Security
  • Other components, such as WebDynpro, Web services, Java Message Service

We now have some information about older SAP NetWeaver versions as well (6.40 and 7.0) and IMS experts will also contribute with valuable input from their experience.
Other areas in the pipeline for joining are UWL, MDM, TREX, ACC and more.
Stay tuned for new content and updates!

What’s in it for you

We do believe that everyone – SAP developers, consultants, support experts, administrators, users – can find something in the guide.

The guide is a collection of solutions to the most common problems that may arise in your work. Problems are arranged in an interactive wizard. You are asked simple questions and few easy steps take you to the solution of your problem.
There are numerous examples, screenshots, sample code, lists of error codes, useful links, that will help you find your way through.
In this way we hope to enable users cope with trivial issues and help them faster than if they use other support channels.

It’s easy

The troubleshooting wizard is designed to be user-friendly and self-explanatory. Go to the Main Page. Have a look at the categorized list of problems and try to find your situation there. Start following the wizard and answer the questions, which should help you identify your problem and solution.

It’s even easier and faster to use the Wiki search. What is more – the guide is indexed in Google.

Your opinion counts

Let us together make the Troubleshooting guide the first place to go for problem solutions.   

If you would like to provide feedback, suggestions and ideas, or if you need help regarding the Troubleshooting guide, do not hesitate to leave a comment.

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