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A Riddle to Meddle (Riddle #2)

Hello fellow SAPiens,


Here’s my second riddle to tickle your brain cells. The Riddle #1 can be found in the link A Riddle to Meddle


Riddle #2: A milestone

“It secured access to the identity Czar,

It unleashed power of a named Star.”

“It marked the launch that set a new bar,

The blossomed Star spread near and far.”


Name the ‘It’ mentioned in the riddle?

– Basis administrators have used ‘it’ in the past.
– A milestone


About Previous Riddle

Winners of Riddle #1:

Congratulations to the notable winners: Brian Daws and Marilyn Pratt.


Other winners: Michelle Crapo, Aditya Varrier, and Pran Bhas
Though not specific to the riddle #1, their answers were correct in general.


Answer to Riddle # 1

The trinity of incarnation mentioned in the riddle are R/1, R/2 and R/3.

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  • This is really interesting .. and kudos to the thoughts you frame here! 🙂 Expecting more and more ….

    This is my answer! – Authorization Objects!

    Eager to check the results! 🙂

    Kripa Rangachari.

    • Thanks for the nice words, Kripa.

      The answer covers two points (1) A milestone event and (2) Something Basis Administrator have used in the past.

      Please post more answers.

      Best Regards,


        • Research on SAP’s product development history. You will see the ‘milestone’ there.

          The first two lines and the second two lines point to two different topics. However, they point to same answer.


    • These clues will help you in your quest:
      1. A milestone
      2. Basis Administrators have ‘used’ it once
      3. Something ‘named’ Star


    • Answer is related to SAP, not third party.
      – Search for a product milestone event in SAP’s history
      – Also Basis Administrators have used it for system installation.


  • Is it SAP Super User ID – SAP* ?

    It has the default pwd – 06071992  – SAP was released on 1992 – “milestone”

    Used by Basis for initial login.


      • There’s always been a little bit of confusion over this.

        For pre NW7 systems, at installation time, a user master record was defined for SAP* with the initial password 06071992 in Clients 000 and 001.  You could change this password via SU02.

        HOWEVER, if you deleted the SAP* user record (via SU02 or via an SQL statement), then the hard coded password was PASS.  It was this ‘non existent user master’ SAP* that had the ‘magic properties’ – If the user record was present, then SAP* was ‘just another user’.

        Nowadays, sapinst asks for a master password that is used anywhere you don’t specifically state a password

        After all that, I reckon the answer is intended to be 06 July 1992.

        • I came to the same result as Martin: My answer is “July 6th, 1992, significant milestone as launch date of SAP R/3, when used as a password, unleashes the power of user SAP*.”
          My suggestion for the next riddle: Please don’t have the answers posted in the comment section, because it spoils all the fun to find the answer on your own and then to see that others have been there before.
          Better collect them via mail or through a Google form where the secret will be kept until you publish the solution. 🙂
          Thanks, I had a lot of fun with this riddle.
          • Hi Thorsten,

            Glad to know you had fun with the riddle. Thanks for the suggestions. I will tackle this by inserting a spoiler warning at the end of the riddle.

            Best regards,


  • In the interest of others trying to solve this riddle, the answer will be published along with next week’s riddle. Meanwhile, please post more answers.

    Enough clues are already available in the comments section.



  • Hi Jeevan,

    Basis Users use SAP* to reset password of DDIC.

    So my answer would be SAP*.

    Sekar Sanku