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It Is So Tiny That I Can Find It

As a community coordinator I get to create many pages in the Wiki for all sorts of purposes : How to Guides, Community news, spaces creation etc. Sometimes I link to these pages in blogs or other external publications. I began to notice that some of the links I created became broken after a while.  In this blog I will share with you what I’ve discovered and how you too can avoid dead links.

A link in the Wiki consists of the location of a page and its title.

For example:


There are 3 scenarios in which a link can become broken:

1. The page was erased.

2. The title of the page was modified.

3. The page was shifted to a different location.


In order to avoid broken links (scenario 2 & 3) you should use the Tiny link (a.k.a. permanent link) when linking to a page.

The tiny link can easily be found in the info tab  of the page. Exact screenshots showing the link location can be seen using this guide  (Tiny Link).

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