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The iPhone and iPad community is here

3.27Mio iPads, 8,2Mio iPhones. That’s how many devices Apple sold during the second quarter in 2010. We at SAP see similar growth rates. Just within three weeks in June the number of iPads distributed by our own IT nearly doubled, topped only by iPhones, which quadrupled.
Within a few weeks we had hundreds of SAP colleagues joining an internal development community, because everybody wants to learn and develop apps. Many of them mentioned that they own one or multiple Apple devices privately and now want to get into development.

If you are as enthusiastic and passionate about those devices as we are and believe in that Why the iPad will kill the laptop, then we have something for you: a new community for iPad and iPhone developers.

I started seeding the iPhone/iPad wiki with materials that we collected in the past few weeks and will continue to do so. I encourage you to share your experiences and material, if you can help me getting more stuff up there, I’d really appreciate. Have you developed cool iPad/iPhone apps? Perhaps even integrated in your business environment? Any tipps or tricks that helped you circumvent restrictions or missing functionality?

Let us know about it. We’d all appreciate.

Here are questions, that you might perhaps answer right away:

  • How many iPhones and iPads are in use in your company?
  • How would you see the interest from your colleagues in these devices?
  • Is your organization working on a mobile strategy, like switching all sales reps to iPads?
  • Do you privately own an Apple device?

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      in my mind it seems like we are already iSAP IFRS. it's going to be the remaining 20% which will be the hardest.
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      Graham Robinson
      Hi Mario,

      this is great timing for me. I am just about to start experimenting with building iPhone and iPad apps on top of SAP systems.

      I will try and share as much as possible - and obviously look to stand on the shoulders of those who have gone before me. 🙂

      Graham Robbo

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      Former Member
      Blog Post Author
      Hi Graham,
      perfect. Just keep us updated, it might be very informative for all of us with your first steps on these devices.
      BTW: one of th emost popular apps in Australia is from our folks in Melbourne. AUS Traffic. Is #11 in the Australian app store.


      Author's profile photo Nigel James
      Nigel James
      I too am looking at programming these wonderfully little toys err... serious business tools.

      @Graham will have to compare notes with you later this year when I get to the LDU.

      Thanks Mario.


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      Former Member
      We need to focus on following to start with

      1) to bring up tutorials  for integrating SAP with IPhone/iPad
      2) To  extend SAP security/authorization concepts to these applications
      3) To encourage  certified iSAP applications ( iPad/iPhone SAP applications )

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      Former Member
      Blog Post Author
      That's exactly what I hope to get with the help of the community. I also am in talk with my colleagues knowledgeable about security, so I will add that as soon as I know more.
      Cerification: I just got in touch with our certification people to see what's needed for that.
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      Former Member
      This is great. Any plans to have the SDN formatted for iPhone or iPad? The currently mobile site is not exactly optimized for the devices.
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      Former Member
      I just read the blog and went wiki-getting started page to what are the prerequisite to start some interesting app in my mind..but reading that i found its too much of hassle and tedious to get infrastructure in place..specially with out having a Mac..
      I would rather try developing app for Android phone..i heard that Google is giving hassle free developer environment...
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      Blog Post Author
      Funny that you should say it, but I this very moment published a blog that lists a couple of tools that help you getting started without having a Mac:

      Handy Tools for iPhone/iPad app development

      The decision on what platform you develop of course is up to you. Android apps are said to require 30% less code than an iPhone/iPad app. Both platforms see stark growths and you might be able with all the upcoming Android tablets and smartphones to reach a larger user base longterm. But if you are a passionate Apple user, then this will help you.

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      i'm a recent convert, but glad to see competition between the platforms. i still see Apple as a more mature and experienced company than Google and the myriad of hardware suppliers. at some point, you have to make a decision which platform suits your needs better. mac is not the worst looking piece of equipment out there, either and at least here, in the US, there is a way to get all the "Apples" free, for a limited time of course.