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How do you become successful in BPC projects, what are the skills that i need to have to get better, if i am a BW consultant, can i convert into a BPC consultant etc. etc.

I would recommend reading a new book that has come out, authored by Sridhar Srinivasan and Kumar Srinivasan, which is a must read if you are exploring into this products

Offcourse you should additionally become more finance savvy, business savvy as you groom into become  a better BPC consultant. Study a finance MBA or CFA or CPA, and become BPC certified, this would help a lot

We also have lot of content posted in BPX community

All the best !!! 

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  1. Former Member
    Hi Muthu,

    I think these links are good for the community however I would also recommend that those looking to upskill in the Business Planning and Consolidations arena look in the SAP Education courses.|

    There are now Microsoft and NetWeaver specific courses as well as a consolidations deep dive course. There is also the possibility of becoming certified as a BPC Specialist by SAP Education by attending the above linked track.

    I highly recommend digging into the individual EPM related blogs as well.

    Cheers, Scott

  2. Former Member
    If I want to be a better XYZ, I should read a book. Because?…Well, because you say so.

    That appears the gist of your post.

    I guess it would have been too much to have to put a little more context on why a particular book might be helpful. Perhaps other SDNers (eg Keller, or Jung) didn’t have the same gravitas to pitch books on SDN blogs with a pithy IF THEN construct (If you want to be …, then do this..).

    My response – thanks but no thanks.

    Then again, maybe generous use of exclamation marks in the title text would sway the SDNers. That is a trick that always works.

    1. Former Member Post author

      Good feedback and point well taken. Over the past few months i have been receiving lot of request on how a BW consultant can become a bpc consultant. Or how i can upskill on bpc.

      I just wanted to basically post this update  about this book that got published by sap press and i thought sdn/bpx is a great forum to communicate the same. So i had published this as a blog post so that consultants interested may explore looking at this option.

      Yes, i could spent more time on writitng more about the book etc., unfortunately did not have the time, so hence had to put it short.

      No other intentions.

      Muthu Ranganathan

      1. Former Member Post author

        And fortunately i have used exclamation marks only in 3 blogs till date out of the many blogs that i have written




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