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Dear aBI – Performance Improvements for Web Intelligence in combination with SAP NetWeaver BW

As part of the BI Expert teams for the “Dear aBI”  gives advice on Business Intelligence, here my third set of answers to some of the questions that have been put forward.


Abid from India is asking the following question:


Dear aBI,


How to improve the performance of Web Intelligence if you are running on SAP NetWeaver BW 7.0 ? I am getting a lot of run time errors while executing the report in Web Intelligence on BW Universes.I am running on SAP NetWeaver BW 7.0 SP19 and SAP BusinessObjects XI release 3.1 Service Pack 02.


For implementing Web Intelligence in combination with SAP NetWeaver I would like to provide you with a set of valuable information:




In addition to all the Best Practices you should also consider applying Service Pack 03 to your landscape as with Service Pack 03 you have now the option to configure Web Intelligence asking for the data based on the actual report or based on the Web Intelligence Query Panel. In simple words think about this new option, that Web Intelligence has now the notion of Free Characteristics. Here is a recorded webinar of all new Service Pack 03 features:



I hope this material helps you understand and improve the performance of your Web Intelligence project on top of SAP NetWeaver BW and answers your question and others find the material useful as well.


For further details on how to submit your questions to the BI Experts take a look at the wiki pages.

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  • Hi Ingo ,
    we are using the data federator with one of the customers as the data volume was high and we upgraded the BW system as well to improve the performance
    i was following the user guide and the Federic blog which i found very useful
    How to configure the SQL BW connector
    we have already configured the RSDRI_DF_CONFIGURE and we are able to test the connection

    another thing i am unable to see Get gateway parameters” button, to retrieve the SAP gateway parameters in DF designer
    i am using DATA federator sp2 fix pack 2 with SAP BI 7.1 SP5.
    we are not able to retrieve the data From BW while testing using query tester in BW
    we have already configured the RSDRI_DF_CONFIGURE and we are able to test the connection successfully in DF Designer.
    i am able to see the list of fact tables but when i try to view  the data using query tester it is not able to fetch the data. it just simply hangs with no error message and the same thing happens when i run the webi report after creating the universe using JDBC.

    we are running on BI 7.01 SP5 which runs on linux
    DATA FEDERATOR xi3.0 SP2 FIX PACK 8 which runs on windows
    BOE xi 3.1 SP2 which runs on windows same machine where DF is installed.

    i would really appreciate if you could help me in solving the issue.

    Abid Paul

    • Hi,

      I would suggest that you open an entry into the corresponding Data Federator forum and perhaps you can be a little bit more clear on what the problem is because in the first paragraph you saying that you are able to test the connection and in the second you saying you are not able to test the connection.

      Ingo Hilgefort

  • Hello, I’m trying to understand the BO performance on complex BEx queries…  I have a BEx query that runs in about 20 seconds on the WEB with 25 restricted/calculated key figures…

    WebI report based on a universe created on the BEx query above takes about 160 seconds…  When I followed up steps to capture the MDX statement and used MDXTEST to see the time in BW, I can see that it comes back in 15 seconds…  So, performance issue is not in the BW or in the generated MDX statement…

    Any idea about where we spend the remaining 140 seconds???

    When I drop the number of key figures to 15, total runtime goes down to about 70 seconds – a gain of 90 seconds…

    We do have BIA installed…

    Thanks in advance!