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Who will Rock the House at SAP TechEd in Las Vegas this Year?

On the last day of Sapphire I caught up with two of the folks trying to get the best band for our budget to SAP TechEd in Las Vegas: Philippe Rosset and Chip Rodgers.   

It was a late afternoon before the Santana concert at our team dinner in the House of Blues where I shot this interview. Very interesting to hear from them who is on the short list and how high.   

After a week of educational sessions, Demo Jam and Clubhouse, it is always fun to rock out. Therefore I guess the goal is to have a fun band that rocks the house, that you can dance to.   

One of my musical heroes that would fit into that overall goal, at least to me, Joe Jackson will not make the cut, as he will be on tour in France and as Chip said, was great in the 90s, therefore is not high enough on the list I guess ;-).  



No final decision was made back then and I have not heard anything new since.     I am still crossing my fingers for

They Might Be Giants who in my book have major geek cred for their Dial-a-Song and early adoption of internet technology.     The prospect of some Accordion playing on stage would also make my last TechEd Las Vegas night.

Alas again low on the list, about as high as Thomas Jung’s suggestion Weird Al Yankovic. I agree with Tom that he would be a lot of fun.

So we have some hints, some definately not this year, but at the end more questions than answers. 

Can’t wait for the announcement.

P.S. Every time I see the video I crinch when I hear myslef pronounce the work band ;-(

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