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SAP & Sybase – A Fan Speaks Out

Hello Community Members,

I have been a fan of Sybase for a decade now and was very intrigued to see the company make its move into mobile technologies and applications. Needless to say, when I joined SAP two years ago, I was pleased to see the SAP and Sybase partnership blossom.  Now with the merger, I am truly excited about the opportunities unleashed for our academics, customers, partners, and employees.

As I mentioned above, the mobile category is easy to spot as a high-growth, high-value contributor to what we offer.  Today, laptops, PDAs, mobile phones, pad devices, etc. are just as important as, if not more than, traditional desktop displays.  Technologies such as those found in Sybase Unwired and Sybase 365 strengthen our position in what we call the OnDevice segment of our newly announced company strategy. 

In addition business experts and IT developers alike are not tied to their desks,  They move from team to team and travel from location to location to fill requirements on the spot.  We want to deliver the applications and information they need whereever they are, whenever they request them.  How these ‘services’ are delivered to the users is not as important to them as is their ease of access and always-available connection.  This underlies our OnDemand strategy segment.

But the excitement does not stop there.  Sybase ASE is a highly regarded, advanced technology database.  Engineers from Sybase in Dublin, California and from SAP in Walldorf, Germany, among other locations, are working on an accelerated schedule to integrate Sybase ASE with SAP solutions.  This is a powerful combination in support of our largest installed base, which we have served since the founding of both SAP and Sybase, what we call our OnPremise strategy segment.

In addition, Sybase IQ is a leading offering in the area of columnar-store structured databases,  This technology is relevant to maintaining very large sets of enterprise data in the computer memory where it can be accessed, analyzed, displayed and acted-upon much faster than with data stored on disk.  This InMemory part of our strategy is expected to speed business intelligence and analytics solutions as well as transaction processing applications, further advancing all of our OnDevice, OnDemand, and OnPremise strategic segments.

As an unapoligetic, committed fan, I see a lot to cheer about.

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  • Yes, I believe I am. I am a fan of exciting mobile technologies. I am a fan of iPad.SAP.Sybase. I pre-ordered iPad 3G 64GB product in April. I never purchased Apple products before. And I am very happy with iPad. It.Just.Works.Always. Currently I am learning Objective-C using free lectures from Stanford. I purchased a MacBook to expedite learning this language. Apple.Great.Technologies. MacBook came preloaded with complete development environment.period. And iPad helps learning the language faster because it is so light, convenient and comfortable. I can open iPad like opening a book.Anywhere.Anytime.And.Battery.Does.Not.Die.Easily.

    With 20+ years of RDBMS background, I am excited about Sybase IQ. I am thinking very hard about integrating SAP/iPad/Sybase.

    So yes, I.Am.A.Great.Fan.Of.Sybase.SAP.And.Apple.

  • “…Engineers from Sybase in Dublin, California and from SAP in Walldorf, Germany, among other locations, are working on an accelerated schedule to integrate Sybase ASE with SAP solutions.”

    So there will be another database platform that can be chosen for SAP solutions for e. g. ERP/CRM/SRM etc.?


    • Yes, that an intriguing statement, and therefore valid question.

      Additional question is what is a positioning of SAP MaxDB against SAP Sybase ASE?

      Thank you.

      • … but I did not get clear picture about the roadmap for Sybase products under the SAP, and what are integration plans. I mean, I feel disappointed. Most of the brieffing were standards like “we got best of bread” and “it is once in generation opportunity”. I was following Twitter live, and it seems not only me had to read between the line and trying to catch phrases of what is going to happen. As @marksmithvr said “Not Much New News”.
        • I was disappointed as well. It seems SAP doesn’t believe in “A bird in hand is better than two in bush”, I mean instead of focusing more on defining a clear roadmap for existing products(ASE), I heard a lot about mobility devices and in-memory db . or they don’t think “ASE is a bird in hand”? I am confused about what SAP is trying to do. This will probably have an impact on the availability of trained/certified personnel in 1-2  years when they are ready with ASE.
          • Hi Everyone,

            I would like you all to know that we have already begun to work on ways for both companies to build on successful sales efforts immediately and SAP will sell ASE once SAP Business Suite is ported to ASE.


        • Hi Everyone,

          Look later today at our UA Announcements in our Welcome Center homepage at and we will provide direct links to our written press release.

          This is a very big merger of two strong companies. There is no intention of withholding details.  It is simply that there are many people with many different interests in a very large international market wanting to know lots of different things.

          Keep watching also the press because the reporters are asking a lot of questions of our executives and communications experts.  Many many employee-days of efforts are going into answering the questions.  I also answered the specific question about ASE (below).

          Thanks for your interest.