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BW Certification – a first hand view of the evolution of certification – Part 2

SAP BW Professional – Data Modeling – July 2010
I recently took the BW Professional exam mostly out of interest and also due to the fact that there was an initiative to get Mentors involved in the certification process…

The process was quite different from what I had done in India – I took this exam in New Jersey and the same process of registering through Pearson VUE followed and I found a center 2 miles from where I lived!!!

Ground rules for the professional exam
The registration process was simple and straightforward but then the preparation process was scary because…
1. There are no books that you need to memorize ( Yikes!!! )
2. The questions could be anything related to Data Modeling in SAP BW ( Yikes Again!!! )
3. The sample questions scared the daylights out of me
I managed to get only 40% of the questions right initially

And since I had booked a date I took the exam nervously….

I arrived one hour before the scheduled start time of the exam ( surprising the person at the exam center )
I had all but given up hopes of clearing the exam after seeing the sample questions

My views on the exam :
1. You can schedule the exam for any time but if you arrive early – you can start early if a terminal is available
2. Take something to drink with you like a coke or something to sip on while answering the questions

On the questions :
1. All the questions were experience based
2. The questions were more engaging and made me think in terms of screens and processes as opposed to possible page numbers on the education material…
3. I should credit the people who set the questions – the questions were very engaging ( I would not want to use the word challenging here )
4. Most importantly – you need to be sure about your topic before taking the exam…
What this means is that your fundamental concepts in Data Modeling and extraction should be very strong.

This would mean IMHO that you need not know what TCode to use to implement COPA Extraction but would need to know how COPA extraction works which is more important.

Some downsides :
There were a couple of questions on maintaining table entries in control tables in BW which seemed more like questions based on the experiences of the person setting the questions but such questions were few and far between…

Also a hint to taking these exams where you do not have a set syllabi – the best bet is to go through the books on BW by SAP Press before the exam – These books would have to be an advanced level and not the beginner level…

And finally , I cleared the exam…
The pass percentage for this exam was also dynamically calculated methinks…

Disclaimer :

I am not recommending this book for the purpose of certification – but then would strongly recommend this book for any BW person who wants to know the works within SAP BW.

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      Author's profile photo Tammy Powlas
      Tammy Powlas
      I only took the associate certification BW exam; it was tough!

      Which SAP Press books are you referring too?  To be honest, I didn't like the SAP Press BW Data Modeling book.

      Author's profile photo Arun Varadarajan
      Arun Varadarajan
      Blog Post Author
      I was referring to the BW Administration and Monitoring book ... found it very invaluable for my certification - I initially got it to just read and find out more but then found that it was very useful for certification too...
      Author's profile photo Arun Varadarajan
      Arun Varadarajan
      Blog Post Author

      I did not want to mention this in the blog to avoid making a direct reference to this book and certification...

      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member
      thnx for sharing ur experiences.
      I am trying to venture into SAP BW since I have gained experience in Data warehousing (home brewed) over several years.

      quick questions:
      1. how do i go about learning SAP BW(books , resources etc)

      2. u have mentioned that for the certification exam, the experience is cross checked? How do people like me with no experience in SAP even attempt the exam? do u know? BTW, I am currently in US if that matters 🙂

      Thanks in advance

      Author's profile photo Arun Varadarajan
      Arun Varadarajan
      Blog Post Author
      The best bet for certification for the associate level is the SAP Education material. You could look at various SAP press books on BW which might help you in this regard.
      Also system access is recommended before taking the certification.

      AFAIK the background experience check is done in India - I do not think it is done in the US - you will have to schedule and exam with Pearson VUE and then go an take the same .