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BlagNotty Video entry (SCNotties 2010)

Natascha Thomson wrote a blog called Submit Your Entry for the SCNotties and SCN Choice Video Awards. So as I am a good boy, I shoot a small video to entry THE 2010 “SCNotty” AWARDS.

Of course, I’m not the king of video editing…actually I never use video editing…so watch this at your own risk…


Blag_SCN_2010 from Blag on Vimeo.

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  • That you are one of the SAP Male Models! 
    I look forward to seeing many more entries to the SCNotties, and competing with Blag to take home SOME award this year!


  • I must admit, I follow ur spanish blog since I started my path through the SAP’s world. It was almost 3 years ago, I had the opportunity of starting in this complex world. However It has been such a rewarding one.

    Now that I see you moved to montreal. There’s nothing else to say, But wishing you good luck over there.

    Vivi en montreal, y se que es grandiosa en el verano, las caminatas por st catherine street, y las idas a old-port son muy lindas, espero que lo disfrutes :).

    Mi unico consejo, es si puedes te recomiendo que a tus hijos menores si les puedes conseguir las chaquetas kanuk 🙂 ellos te lo sabran agradecer.

    Mucha suerte y muchos exitos