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From Lima to Montreal – A success story

This story began 3 years ago, on TechEd, Las Vegas 2007, where I met Mr. Leonardo de Araujo, a brazilian guy living in Montreal, Canada.

When I first met him, I told him about my family’s desire to move to Canada, of course, he encourage me to take the big step, but I was kinda scared of making that huge move without some backup.
A year passed and I meet Mr. Leo again in TechEd, Las Vegas 2008. He was kinda confused about why I haven’t start the Canadian process yet…I was still unsure but surely dying to start. Another year passed, and on TechEd, Phoenix 2009, Mr. Leo made me business proposal. I would work for Beyond Technologies and in exchange we would back me up in the Canadian Process.

At first, we thought about Permanent Resident Visa, but it took two years to get…so instead we went for the Work Permit Visa. So my lawyer (awesome guy by the way) guided me in all the process. First the letter of acceptance from Quebec, which lasted one month, and then the Work Permit Visa that lasted also one month.

So as you read this blog…I got accepted! Well…my family got accepted -;)
My daughter, my wife and I moved to Montreal.

This is the proof that no matter how long the distances are, our passion for SAP keeps us together…because let’s face it…if it wasn’t for SAP, my chances to get a deal like this would have been closed to null -;)

So you may be asking yourselves…why Beyond Technologies hired me? Because I’m smart and good looking? Because I’m claim myself to be a Senior ABAP Consultant?
Because I wanted so badly to move to Montreal? All those reason might be true (At least for me LOL), but what really push everything was my constants contributions to SCN. Leonardo and I have never worked together before, so how could he be sure about my skills? Easy…blog postings, forums, participation on TechEd, messages on Twitter. Of course, I’m not saying that being active on the community is going to assure you a job, but it will surely high your possibilities as is the best way to show yourself and your skills.

I joined Beyond Technologies and I’m involved in 2 large projects. What else can I ask for?

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