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Hello fellow SAPiens,

Here’s a riddle to stimulate your brain cells. Thrown down that gauntlet, click on those keys and post your answer. The answer is related to SAP products, company, events, or news.


Riddle 1: Trinity of Incarnation                                       

“Path laid by the trinity of incarnation,

Heralded a new era of integration.

Thousands ensued its application,

Many realized the transformation.”

Question: Name the “Trinity of incarnation” mentioned here.

Hint: The answer is / answers are related to SAP products, company, events, or news.

I am planning to post many riddles related to SAP area. I’ll post the answers and acknowledge the first 5 winners of each riddle in the subsequent blog.

Best of luck,

Jeevan Kumar Ravindran


The answer to this riddle can be found in the A Riddle to Meddle (Riddle #2) (A Riddle to Meddle (Riddle #2))

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  1. Laure Cetin
    Congrats on your first SCN blog Jeevan!
    Could it be that Aditya is right? I didn’t think of names when I first read this.
    I can’t wait to hear if this is the answer.
    Good riddle.
    1. Former Member Post author
      I have to thank the Trinity –
      Marilyn Pratt, Laure Cetin and Sylvia Santelli
      For encouraging me to write a Blog in SCN

      All the answers so far look promising.
      For the benefit of other readers,
      I’ll post the right answer along with the next week’s riddle
      Till then, please post the answers. Keep ’em coming.

      1. Sylvia Santelli
        Bravo Jeevan!
        So happy you posted your blog.
        I am completely stumped, but you sure hooked a following! I will be waiting for your next blog to find the answers.

  2. Marilyn Pratt
    Thanks Jeevan for this edu-tainment.  My guess would be similar to Michelle Crappo’s and Brian Daws’ as it maps to the historical view of SAP R/3 3-tier architecture introduced in the early ’90’s : presentation layer, application layer, database layer.

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