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A Riddle to Meddle

Hello fellow SAPiens,

Here’s a riddle to stimulate your brain cells. Thrown down that gauntlet, click on those keys and post your answer. The answer is related to SAP products, company, events, or news.


Riddle 1: Trinity of Incarnation                                       

“Path laid by the trinity of incarnation,

Heralded a new era of integration.

Thousands ensued its application,

Many realized the transformation.”

Question: Name the “Trinity of incarnation” mentioned here.

Hint: The answer is / answers are related to SAP products, company, events, or news.

I am planning to post many riddles related to SAP area. I’ll post the answers and acknowledge the first 5 winners of each riddle in the subsequent blog.

Best of luck,

Jeevan Kumar Ravindran


The answer to this riddle can be found in the A Riddle to Meddle (Riddle #2) (A Riddle to Meddle (Riddle #2))

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