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Parallel (multi-instance) Activities in BPM CE 7.2 – Part IV

Continued process run from part III.

Department 1 – User 1(val_dept1_usr1) ‘Validates’ for department 1.

Process Tasks Status:

1 Instance of ‘validation’ task is completed; however the other one is still in ‘Ready’ status:

 Process Tasks 4




























Now Department 2 – User 2(val_dept2_usr2) validates for department 2.

Process Tasks Status:

Both the validation task instances completed and the ‘Approval’ task started.

Process Tasks 5




























4.The task for the ‘Approval’ activity gets created for the approver. He approves the request using UWL.

approver1’s UWL:

Approver UWL

















Approver approves the request and all the tasks completed:

Process Tasks Status:

 Process Tasks 6

















Thus we completed the execution of parallel activity instances. 




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  • Hi Ajay, Thanks for the blog. Its very useful.

    We have two owners assigned to a task. If one owner have approved the task, is that possible for us to navigate to the next approver without waiting for the other to complete? Please let me know. Also here I am not assigning the whole group. I am assigning only UserIDs in the collectionitem. Is this possible?

    Revathi Raju.