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How does SAP CRM and SAVO increase sales force effectiveness by delivering content relevant to me and my situation? – Sales Representative, ABC Corporation

It is often a common scenario that plays out in an enterprise when a sales representative complains about having to recreate similar collateral for each new customer meeting and having to often repeat steps that have already been done in a past exercise. Another colleague of the sales representative might have already undertaken this exercise and created a piece of collateral that can easily be leveraged, but, for the presence of effective collaboration infrastructure around knowledge management in this situation.

The sales representative would also like to be pointed to and work with subject matter experts and bring them into a deal to discuss further details with their customer without having to go on a deep research through the ranks of the organization.

How does SAP CRM with SAVO help in this situation?


SAVO helps avoid the need to go on an intense search exercise through different information portals and seeking out people who might have the right content in their heads, undocumented. SAVO eliminates time wasted searching for content and experts, freeing up time to prepare and conduct effective conversations. SAVO helps find content that is up to date, brand compliant or contains the latest and greatest in terms of messages for the customer.

Collateral is produced by marketing and published to SAVO adhering to corporate guidelines and carrying the latest information for customers. This collateral can easily be customized into specific documents addressed at specific customer interactions like presentations, proposals, brochures, etc. Dynamic updates to specific pieces of information like revenue figures, customers and other vital company statistics can be centrally maintained and updated to relevant documents without having to manually update each piece of content.

Based on the available collateral, the sales person can provide relevant input to marketing to update the content so that it better reflects and addresses customer reality across a subset of customers that are the audience for the piece of collateral. Sales persons can provide input on “winning” collaterals. Information tagging is achieved explicitly and implicitly based on collateral content. These factors allows for close loop collaboration between sales and marketing to create best in class collateral to address customer needs.

Rating of collateral is another way in which sales people provide feedback about content. The best content automatically bubbles to the top of the heap on the back of high ratings for relevance and quality for a given customer interaction situation. Sales people can provide feedback on any and every piece of collateral and content that is available, be it presentations, documents, comments, emails etc.

SAP CRM leverages the content available in SAVO to provide recommendations from among available collateral for use in an opportunity using rules of inference based on various pieces of information, like, opportunity stage (identification, proposal, quotation, agreement, etc) and other information. Along with a listing of collateral the sales person is also provided information about the subject matter experts from within the organization that could help in the deal.

In conclusion


With the integration of SAP CRM and SAVO, your sales force has access to a sales 2.0 platform for marketing and sales collaboration that is tailored to your sales process. Your sales force gets access to information that comprises formal sales assets, subject matter experts, and social intelligence from sales and marketing. The solution pushes intelligence and best practices directly to the front line via sales force automation and capabilities powered with and by SAVO are delivered seamlessly in your SAP CRM sales experience for your sales person.

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