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Delta Queue Diagnosis

Many times we come across situation where there may be inconsistencies in the delta queue. To check these we can use a diagnostic tool. The report is explained in detail here. *RSC1_DIAGNOSIS* Program is Diagnosis Tool for BW Delta Queue image *How to use this report? * Execute the report *+RSC1_DIAGNOSIS+* from SE38/SA38, With datasource and destination details. *Use *

With the RSC1_DIAGNOSIS check program, the most important information about the status and condition of the delta queue is issued for a specific DataSource.


You get the following details once the report is executed

  • General information about datasource and version.
  • Meta data of Datasource and Generated objects for the datasource
  • ROOSPRMSC table details of datasource like GETID and GOTID
  • TRFCQOUT Status
  • Records check with Recorded status
  • Inconsistencies in delta management tables
  • Error details if available.

Let see the output format of the report.




*How to analyze?*

Before analyzing this output we need to know some important tables and concepts. Let us see

The delta management tables

*DeltaQueue Management Tables : RSA7 *

*Tables *

ROOSPRMSC            :  Control Parameter Per DataSource Channel

ROOSPRMSF            :  Control Parameters Per DataSource

TRFCQOUT              :  tRFC Queue Description (Outbound Queue)

ARFCSSTATE            :  Description of ARFC Call Status (Send)

ARFCSDATA             :  ARFC Call Data (Callers)

The delta queue is constructed of three qRFC tables namely ARFCSDATA which has the data and AFRCSSTATE, TRFCQOUT which is to control dataflow to BI systems.

Now we need to know about TID (Transaction ID). You can see two things GETTID and GOTTID. Now we will see what those are.

*GETTID and GOTTID can be seen in table ROOSPRMSC.*


*+GETTID:+*    Delta Queue, Pointer to Maximum Booked Records in BW (i.e.)  this refers to The last but one delta TID *+GOTTID:+*   Delta Queue, Pointer to Maximum Extracted Record I (i.e.) this refers to the last delta TID that has reached BW. (Used in case of repeat delta) System will delete the LUW’S greater than GETTID and less than or equal to GOTTID. This is because delta queue have last but one delta and loaded delta only. Now we will see about the TID in detail h6. TID = ARFCIPID+ ARFCPID+ ARFCTIME+ ARFCTIDCNT  field content. All the four fields can be seen in the table ARFCSSTATE. ARFCIPID                  : IP Address ARFCPID                   : Process ID. ARFCTIME                 : UTC time stamp since 1970. ARFCTIDCNT             : Current number +To know how this is split I am taking the GETTID+ *GETTID = 0A10B02B0A603EB2C2530020* This is separated like this ( 8 + 4 + 8 + 4 ) and it is sent to the four table. *GETTID : 0A10B02B   0A60  3EB2C253  0020* ARFCIPID                   = 0A10B02B ARFCPID                    = 0A60 ARFCTIME                  = 3EB2C253 ARFCTIDCNT               = 0020 Give this as selection in table ARFCSSTATE.Here you can find the details of the TID. image Here you find details of TID. Now we move on to the output of the report. image

Execute this report in ECC system

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      Former Member
      Excellent blog!!! In-depth concepts on delta queue which I was looking for. It would really help in my projects for troubleshooting. Great work done!
      Author's profile photo Nathan Genez
      Nathan Genez
      Is this documented in an OSS note?
      Author's profile photo Nathan Genez
      Nathan Genez
      Note 583086 has a lot of information on this program as well.
      Author's profile photo Renjith Kumar Palaniswamy
      Renjith Kumar Palaniswamy
      Blog Post Author
      Hi Nathan,

      Yes you can refer note 583086 for detailed info.

      Author's profile photo Sankar M
      Sankar M
      This blog really helps to how to do the delta queue diagnosis effectively like that
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      Former Member
      It's a privilege to write for Renjith.
      He is very famous for his indepth knowledge on un-touched areas of SAP BI. In my current implementation project i wanted to have some knowledge-source which will give me an insight of delta queue. I am thankful to Renjith for providing this on-time help.

      Kindly do post more number of blogs which will help consultant like us in future.

      Great going Renjith..


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      Former Member
      Very useful Ranjith....