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BRFplus Updates, Summer 2010

BRFplus Tester’s Week

In June 2010 we had a partner test with 8 persons from 6 partner companies sent to Walldorf, Germany for one week of testing BRFplus in the ramp-up version (NetWeaver 7.0 Enhancement Package 2 Support Package 4). Only few issues were found, but of course several feature requests have been discussed. The tests did not only provide a chance for the partners to learn about BRFplus prior to ramp-up. It also helped us to understand that we are doing the right thing. Finally, we had the chance to discuss several ideas for the future with the testers.

You can find a comment from Lee Chisholm here: Lessons from Walldorf

Collection Management with BRFplus

Several customers and partners did ask me about collections management with BRFplus. Today, SAP provides the possibility to use BRF for collections management but customers do not find it intuitive enough. Therefore, Andrea Waldi has provided note 1466868 (Dunning by collection strategy with BRFplus) to explain how it works with BRFplus. Additionally she is working on an improved integration that creates the connection to BRFplus by pressing a button.

New Example Uploaded

Wolfgang Schaper has uploaded a new slide deck to the Business Rule Framework plus (). The slides show an example for hotel room rate calculation. Several BRFplus concepts such as Ruleset, Rule, Expressions and Actions are illustrated.

TechEd 2010

Also this year you can meet me or my colleagues at TechEd. I will be doing sessions in Berlin and Las Vegas. Members from my Indian team will be available in Bangalore. This year we offer the following sessions:

PMC103 Business Rules Management with SAP (Overview of BRFplus and SAP NetWeaver BRM)

Have you asked yourself when BRFplus would be better to use than SAP NetWeaver BRM and vice versa? You may already know that BRFplus is a 100% ABAP solution while SAP NetWeaver BRM is a 100% Java solution, however, it could be difficult to decide what technology to use. It all depends on your particular requirement. This session will introduce you to the SAP Business Rules approach, components, features and usage of BRFplus and SAP NetWeaver BRM in SAP applications; general recommendations on when to use what technology including mixed scenarios; alignment of BRFplus and SAP NetWeaver BRM; and BRFplus and SAP NetWeaver BRM specific features to come.

PMC163 Own Your Business Logic With Business Rule Framework plus

With Business Rules Framework plus you can own your business logic. By this it is meant that you can change critical decision point values on the fly when it is needed. This session will show you how to create, maintain, and use business rules with Business Rules Framework plus in SAP NetWeaver Application Server ABAP 7.0.2.

CD266 ABAP Development: Update Your Skills to SAP NetWeaver 7 and Beyond

This session focuses on introducing new development technologies (Enterprise Services, Web Dynpro, etc.), but in a connected and practical example. This way we also touch on cross-technology topics and overall architecture. This session is completely updated from previous years and now includes topics like Business Rules Framework Plus (BRF+), Asynchronous Point to Point Enterprise Services, and Web Dynpro ABAP Floorplan Manager, Generic UI Building Blocks, and Feeder Classes.

I will do the sessions PMC103 and PMC163. Please note that PMC163 is a 2 hours hands-on sessions that will guide you through all the steps needed in a BRFplus rules project.

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