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BI Dashboards on Your Mobile Phone, with Xcelsius and Android


The latest release of Android, v2.2 (“Froyo”) supports the Adobe flash technology used by Xcelsius (now called Dashboard Design) and SAP BusinessObjects Explorer. So now you can access your dashboards, reports, and exploration spaces directly from your mobile device without requiring a separate application (e.g. as you do for the iPhone and iPad).

For a video demonstration and screen-by-screen demonstration of a Google Nexus One phone running Xcelsius, Web Intelligence, and Explorer, go to the blog post on

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      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member
      As the found of the Xcelsius Gurus network and hardcore Mac fan this is the first time I have considered dumping my iphone. That screenshot really does look great!

      Thanks Timo

      Mico Yuk

      Author's profile photo Kenneth Murray
      Kenneth Murray
      Wonder what version of BW you must be on?  Wonder how many people are on that version?
      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member
      This is good news; however just curious to know where exactly Android based devices stand as a corporate mobile device when compared against blackberry and apple devices.

      2 years ago, blackberry was considered more of a corporate device and apple was something which was flashy and sexy.

      in last few months, especially after launch of IPAD, I (in my small world) can see a decentralization when it came to such devices.

      A lot of field users and mid managers still depend on blackberry (I prefer it better then Iphone) but many senior executives started liking IPAD (even though damn thing works on a phone OS)and there is a clear increase in demand of dashboards/visualization on these devices.

      Regardless of what technology we like, if 20 key decision makers in the organization like to do their little thing on IPAD, which is going to be with them for most of the time, it makes sense to provide them visualization applications on same device.

      I wonder what SAP’s strategy to manage this situation is.

      They have Explorer available on IPAD/Iphone but only alternate to Xcelsius that I can think of is RoamBI

      Do you guys know what SAP's vision is in that direction? Do they intend to buy ROAMBI and integrate it with Xcelsius?

      Thank you

      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member
      Dear Manoj,

      If I may lend some input.  I recently did significant research when looking to replace my old BlackBerry Curve 8330.  It was 2 years old and starting to act up, so I researched the new BlackBerry Torch 9800 (touchscreen with BB OS 6.0), the iPhone and the Motorola DROID 2. 

      After much back and forth I decided on the new DROID2 with Android 2.2 (froyo) OS.  I was skeptical at first as well(as I have long been a BlackBerry only User), but our Company is upgrading it's internal software soon to SBO 8.8 with a Project Management AddOn that is coming out with a Mobile Client at the end of September.  The PM Mobile Client will run on iPhone and Android, but not BlackBerry, so I gave Android a shot. 

      I did much research and found that the prior versions of the Android OS 2.0, 2.1, etc. did have some issues with Exchange Sync, which is the biggest Coporate Device requirement for our Company.  For example, it did not sync Calendar Events, and had intermittent issues with Emails as well.  However I am happy to report that with the Android 2.2 and Corporate Sync I have been able to Sync my Exchange Calendar and Emails.  We are using Exchange 2003 with ActiveSync and SSL certs, and it even supports most moderate Exchange security policies now.  If your Company has very tight/high Exchange security policies, then you may still need BlackBerry, but it's pretty close now.  Definietly more than sufficient according to our Network Administrator.

      The other big requirement in my mind is that there is an actual QWERTY keyboard on the DROID2, whereas iPhone only has a virtual one.  This may be fine if you're just using it for personal use, but for longer work emails it's not very efficient. 

      Now add to that the new Flash Player 10.1, the significant JavaScript improvements, and all the flashy and sexy apps and features that the iPhone has, and now (in my mind) I think there is finally a device that actualy DOES work and play.

      So in short to answer your question, I do believe that Android has positioned itself into the Corporate Market now, and that in fact it may very well be the next new "must-have" Corporate Device.