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So, after the great success of the  SCNotty Awards last year, the SCN team decided to take it to the next level turning it into:


I just felt like testing out if iMovie for the iPhone could do the trick and recorded the following two videos:

  • google search | matthias steiner
    My 35s Search Story about myself by Matthias Steiner | Category: 30s of Recognition
  • SCN Video Intro | Matthias Steiner
    The 3min introduction video on how SCN has been helping me in my professional career by Matthias Steiner | Category: How SCN has helped me

Kind of was a strange experience talking to a video camera about my SCN experience. Not sure how many takes I needed, but it was definitely not done in just 20 minutes (as originally estimated/reserved ;))

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  1. Susan Keohan
    Hi Matthias,
    Nice little video.  No, you won’t catch me posting a video comment *yet*.  But you’ve thrown down the gauntlet to other would-be SCNotty contenders.
    Well played, sir.
  2. Former Member
    Mathias, yes, you are the first to submit and I’d like to thank you for that and salute you!

    Well done!!! As you can see from last year, you can enter more videos if you now got a taste for it :-). And, as you mentioned, I also expect us to party at TechEd, as usual.

  3. Former Member

    I noticed that you posted both of you videos on the same wiki. Sorry that this year’s contest is a bit more “complicated” than lasts, but I think you were trying to make two entries:
    ** 30 second SCNotty Awards:

    ** SCN Choice Awards for your longer video on how you helped a customer:

    It might be nice if you give each video a title, but that’s up to you! Again, thank you and I hope this makes sense. I will write a detailed blog about the awards soon but you spotted it early!

    1. Matthias Steiner Post author
      Oops. Thanks for clarifying this Natscha and for your kind words. You now I figured I may just go ahead and start as long as I still had the guts 😀

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