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Author's profile photo Jason Lax

Get Involved in SCN’s SEO Project

To quote Keith Elliott, SEO Makes Everything More Findable. It really does and our experience over the past year promoting and implementing SEO best practice has increased site traffic by help users worldwide find what they are looking for faster and with great accuracy.

What is SEO? It’s a combination of understanding how search engines work and the art of match matching what people are searching for with the webpages or resources they should go to for that information. 

At first, we promoted SEO best practices amongst our team of content editors who build and maintain the SCN webpages. We also implemented several technological enhancements to make it easier for search engine crawlers to index our pages.

A few months ago we decided to extend our evangelism to the community at large because, after all, they create an enormous amount of content on SCN every day in the blogs, wikis and forums!  Blog like SCN Meta Tags, SEO and You & Click Here touched on some key SEO best practices.  Now we’re no longer holding anything back and have launched our Strategic SEO on SAP Community Network: a wiki containing our SEO best practices and tips & tricks.

On our Strategic   SEO on SAP Community Network is a detailed overview on how to optimize webpage content via five key activities:

  1. Defining Page-Relevant Keywords
  2. Evaluating a Page’s Current Effectiveness
  3. Effective Keyword Placement
  4. Generating Link Love 
  5. Monitoring (and maintaining) Page Search Ranking

There are also links to additional tips & tricks such as SEO for PDFs and a more detailed explanation of What is SEO, including information on how search engines work.

The Strategic  SEO on SAP Community Network is your chance to learn more about our SEO efforts and contribute your knowledge to it. There’s also the opportunity for search and knowledge management experts to engage in this hot topic that has become crucial now that searching has become the de facto method of finding content on intranets, the internet and even most computers via desktop search.

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      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member
      Hi Jason Lax,
      Thanks for sharing. I agree with you. Google Algorithm first considers those on-page factors to be implemented in our websites or blogs. In other words it loves websites has unique content, better navigation (hyper links), unique Meta information, sitemap, optimized images with Good design.  Once the site optimized with those factors, it will index our website and compare with our competitor websites.  Then only we will get the ranking and traffic.

      Additionally if we implemented Social Media in our pages, users definitely engage with their Social profiles. Google considers Social Media as a powerful tool to determine our websites popularity. 

      Hope I shared useful information. 

      Author's profile photo Tobias Hofmann
      Tobias Hofmann
      It's good to see the efforts made by SAP in regards to SEO, especially that SAP is sharing the information about how to achieve a better SEO page.

      But why is the SAP Portal lacking almost all of these features? Creating your own META information requires coding and integrating an EFP with Google / Bing / Yahoo isn't easy.

      That it is possible to have an SAP Portal optimized everybody can see at SCN, but applying the same optimization for your own portal is for most people too complex. Is there some work done for future releases of the SAP Portal to allow a better and easier SEO?


      Author's profile photo Abdulbasit Gulsen
      Abdulbasit Gulsen
      That's a big problem. I've implemented EFP and it was not easy to apply basic seo requirements. Although Title and Meta Tags are really important for search engines changing these values are extremely tricky.
      I struggled a lot to modify meta tags according to my requirements. It is also important to set correct titles for each page but SAP portal let's you set title on main configuration and changes titles on each page by JavaScript. Obviously search engines see the main title.
      I found a way of changing title and meta tags; it works well now but I'm not sure it will work on future releases.
      It is also hard to explain why we cannot modify titles and meta-tags easily on Portal to the customers. I hope there will be improvements in the future releases.


      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member
      Yes. I’ve noticed most of the SAP portal pages don’t have proper meta information.  Also Google could not catch those pages.

      In you backend administration creates meta info update for every articles. Hope this SAP Portal has configurable Content Management System (CMS).

      The following articles will help to create Meta insertion box in every article posting.

      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member
      Its very true that SEO is backbone of websites, portals and wiki or any other online platform.

      In article few major steps are mentioned those are very important. Let me explain more points which are said to be rules / algorithm of search engines which crawl or index website and rank in SERPs (Search Engine Result Page(s)).

      1- Quality Website Contents.
      2- Inbound and Outbound links should be theme based.
      3- Social Marketing of Portal Post and Linked.
      4- Linking with High Page Rank Sites
      5- Promotion of Services to Service Merchandising Sites.

      There are various other major tasks too which really help site to increase search engine visibility.

      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member
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      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member
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