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Solution Manager – enhanced MOPZ S-User selection for companies with several customer numbers (since Solution Manager 7.0 SP23 WebDynpro) and also Solution Manager 7.1

My intention to post this Blog was, I hate the S-user selection for several customer numbers.
Per default you can only select with customer number and S-user; but it is not user friendly.
My development request to SAP was ignored, therefore I decided to do a customer modification of these SAP standard objects.

!!! This code based on ST 400 0025 SAPKITL435 !!!

!!! You can adapt this modification also in a Solution Manager 7.1, validated in SPS 12 !!!

This Blog based on the following previous Blog:  You have to change your ABAP code from the fourth step to have the enhanced S-User selection screen in the old saved MOPZ tasks, too.


What do we have to do?

First we have to add an appand to the table AISUSER for a text field f.e in CHAR20
format to add the information about the cryptic S-user and customer number.
This appand called ZPARNAME is free of modification and will not get lost by an
upgrade or support package installation.


Secondly we have to create a view to allow to maintain the table AISUSER;
with the new append for example saved as ZSCHULZV_AISUSER via SE11.


Thirdly we have to modify the program behind the transaction AISUSER.
The program SMBI_AISUSER. This programm will link at future not to the
view AISUSER, but to the new customer view ZV_AISUSER.

Sadly you have to do this after the SP installation again (SPAU).

The following lines were changed:
16 *{ REPLACE W40K900169 1
16 l_view_name = ‘AISUSER’.

Following lines added:
17 *\\ l_view_name = ‘AISUSER’.
18 l_view_name = ‘ZSCHULZV_AISUSER’.


At least we have to change the web dynpro methods to select via name, instead of numbers.

The component you can find via property info from the selections screen:

Go to SE80 > Web Dynpro Comp./Intf.: WDC_MOPZ_PLAN > Componentcontroller: COMPONENTCONTROLLER > Tab: Methods > Method: LOAD_SHORT_TEXT

context block:
DATA ls_ctx_suser TYPE wdr_context_attr_value.
DATA lt_ctx_suser LIKE TABLE OF ls_ctx_suser.
DATA lv_suser TYPE string.
DATA lv_suname TYPE syuname.
DATA lt_suser TYPE mopzt_suser.

add line: DATA lv_zparname TYPE string.

context block:

add line:       `-`
add line:       <lf_suser>-ZPARNAME

to fill variable: ls_ctx_suser-text for sections Screen. Dont touch ls_ctx_suser-value; this will change the value from an internal table. You can add an further check to the value ZPARNAME of view AISUSER; but it is easier to fill in all fields and then it is OK.


context block:
    value = lv_suser_text ).
    DATA lv_customer_no TYPE AISAPCUSTNO.

add line: DATA lv_zparname TYPE zparname.

context block: SPLIT lv_suser_text AT `-` INTO lv_suname lv_customer_no.

modify line: SPLIT lv_suser_text AT `-` INTO lv_suname lv_customer_no lv_zparname.

To split the lv_suser_text to the correct segments for the value from above.

SDN Search: mopz Maintenance Optimizer s-user suser selection note 1082010 Administration of several customer numbers Verwaltung mehrerer Kundennummern

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  • Hi Renee,
      Thanks VERY much for this; its going to be quite a useful tool in our virtualisation / private cloud environment !!

      Its not too obvious from the blog (and I’m still waiting for access to a playpen SolMan system), but do the two customer modifications vary from step 4 onwards, or is this modification in addition to the one mentioned in the January blog post –
    Solution Manager – enhanced MOPZ S-User selection for companies with several customer numbers (ABAP up to SP22)

    • from step four both blogs are different. The first three steps are needed to maintain AISUSER currectly. The old blog is for old MOPZ task up to SP22 and this new blog from step four is for WebDynpro MOPZ tasks.
  • but one question:
    The text in the upper right corner is to short, so I only can sie the first 5 letters of the customer name ….
  • Has anybody implemented this modification in SolMan 7.1? Or is there another solution for a large number of S-User (>100) in MOpz / AISUSER.

    I think it is very difficult to find the right S-User when the S-User are ordered by the SAP customer number.

    Thanks in advance!

    • Hi Daniel, thanks for your feedback. Currently we upgrade our SolMan, after the upgrade I think I have to change the blog completely to the new release. I will insert the screens in this new blog when I update the posting for the NW 7.1 system.

    • Hi Daniel, we did an upgrade to SOLMAN 7.1. The Web-Dynpro-Component did not change greatly, so you can adapt this modification also for you SOLMAN 7.1. We did this successfully in the latest SPS (12).