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Where’s Waldo? Or SAPTechEd attendees, take your pick

It’s never too early to start planning your own personal SAPTechEd experience.  Of course, you are looking at the preconference sessions, and trying to figure out how to get into some of the many hands-on sessions.  As a matter of fact, you can begin to double and triple book your time (virtually) even now.

But do you know who else is going to your SAPTechEd event?  Or where they are from?  Do you have friends, contacts, former co-workers who have moved along, and wonder where they will be?

Why not start the ball rolling.  Go to this little Google Map, and put a pushpin in for yourself.  I chose the colors sort of randomly, but we will all be able to see who is going to which event, and from which country.  It might just be a pretty colorful map!


       SAPTechEd LV

      SAPTechEd Berlin

     SAPTechEd  Bangalore

             SAPTechEd Shanghai


Now, I don’t know if there is any hard and fast benefit to doing this – but it’s just supposed to be a little mid-summer fun to get your SAPTechEd clock ticking.

Hope to see you there!  Where?  Well, you have to check out the map to find out.

View Who is going to SAPTechEd – and add yourself!

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  • Sue – this reminds me of the “pin the tail on the donkey” game, as a Waldo is another name for operating a machine by remote control.  I find the UI of Google maps confusing, particularly when trying to place “push pins” where intended.  Not your fault of course, and this is a fun game, er work related project.
    I added this blog to the SCN geocoding wiki page. /jim
    • Hi Michael,
      When you add your pin (and have the chance to add details to it) if you click on the pin itself in the popup, you can change the color to reflect which SAPTechEd event you are attending.
      Hope this helps – hope to see lots of pins!
    • Mike:  It’s a do-it-yourself world ;-).  When you said “might be useful to have a slightly different pin that shows where each of the SAP TechEds are running” I went ahead and added banner icons to the Las Vegas and Berlin spots.  Perhaps someone else can take up the, uh, banner, for the others?


    • Hi Gareth,
      You go to the map, and in the left hand pane there is an ‘Edit’ button’. Once you push this, you should see (on the map) three icons – a hand, a teardrop, a wavy line.  Push the teardrop-shaped icon.  Then once you place your pin, you can double click on it to change the color – to indicate which TechEd you are attending – and also add any details you’d care to share.
      Hope this helps (welcome Noob!)