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Do you already know CTS+?

The enhanced Change and Transport system or CTS+ in short is made to simplify your life when managing transports through a system landscape.

CTS+ allows using the classical CTS that you might know from the ABAP world for transporting e.g. epa-files from a development to a test and productive system or you could transport changes to your java applications from one AS Java to another. 

Are you interested in learning more?  Search for WDECTS on You’ll find a training named ‘Enhancements of Change and Transport System (CTS+)’. It is offered in different countries as a virtual classroom session. 

The new date for the training is 25. February 2011.

In the meantime: information on CTS+ is available here on SDN on the Change and Transport System

In the training, we are going to explain the basics of CTS+ in a more theoretical part. In addition, you can learn how you could manage your transports for java landscapes – several demos will give an impression on how to use CTS+ within an application and how to execute and monitor your transports.  

Hoping to ‘hear’ some of you in a future training!

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  • Hi-

    I can’t seem to locate this anywhere on the training site. Searching for the course code comes up with no search results. Can you provide more direct steps to find the course to register for it?


    • Hi,

      please try the following:
      1. Call the URL
      2. on the right side almost at the top, you should see an input filed ‘Course Search’. Type in WDECTS
      3. you should get one search result ‘Enhancements of the Change and Transport System (CTS+)’
      4. click on that result. You should now see the course details.
      5. Go to the tab ‘Course Schedule’. There, you can add the training to your basket

      Please be aware that the course takes place from 9:30 AM to 12:30 PM CEST

      Thanks and kind regards