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I have been working for SAP Basis arena since 1998, and I’m wondering in the 12 years or so what has changed in the job. For sure Solution Manager is now a major component in the SAP landscape – the idea you can central monitor the whole landscape from one place, have alerts on almost anything including a heartbeat if the system should fall over.

Self-healing software was a paradigm that I first heard about back in 2005. IBM and other vendors were placing vast amounts of money and research in trying to have software automatically fix its own identified problems. For example an RDBMS would run out of memory, and so it would automatically increase the database cache and with the potential developments would have the memory available hot. But things have gone quiet…

In order to run SAP, this uses many of the OSI layers, and therefore one self-healing solution would be complex in order to manage the application and the platform (both OS and RDBMS); so possible the SAP Basis career is safe for now?

Software Lifecycle Manager sounds an interesting concept, that could be enhanced to where an end-user has a short dump and automatically SAP Solution Manager would review the vast amount of OSS Notes and where it sees a predictable (AI like) success rating and automatically apply the OSS Note to the connected development environment, with workflow generated to the system administrator / end-user to re-test in development. This then can be transported into QA (for UAT) and Production for final conclusion.  

Solution Manager is definitely the way to go, in the 12 plus years I’ve experienced then centralisation is definitely the key to improving system reliability and reducing Basis resource, time and money for system monitoring.  Whether Solution Manager will adapt further and be able to address the OS and RDBMS, as well as the application is something that I will keep looking for.

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  1. Former Member

    > so possible the SAP Basis career is safe for now?

    With the increase of technical complexity we have known in the SAP Basis world for the last 12 years, I am sure that the SAP Basis carrer is safe for a long number of years.
    I absolutely don’t beleive in the concept of “self healing” systems. This a new marketing gimmick from software vendors. I take the bet on this.
    A few yers ago they tried to sell us the “no bug” programming…

    1. Former Member
      > I am sure that the SAP Basis carrer is safe for a long number of years.

      Maybe not as “BASIS”-guy but as “SM”-guy (sorry for any ambiguities…) for shure!


  2. Paul Hardy
    In regard to the automatic detection and application of OSS notes, its is enormously difficult for a human to find a relevant OSS note let alone a machine. When you finally find the note you are often puzzled as to why the search terms you initially used did not find the note. For example instead of a search on “problem entering widget information” getting the right result the note is sometimes indexed instead on the technical name of the widget entry function module.
    If you had automatic application of OSS notes you might end up with all sorts of strange things in your system.
    Software that fixes itself, and programs that write themselves have been promised for over 30 years by various companies, with a “breakthrough” every year. It reminds me of claims of turning lead into gold or a perptual motion machine.
    1. Former Member Post author
      Hi Paul,
      Totally agree – but I was thinking like google have hit ratings / relevance, and with the use of AI and learning algorithms – neural network then things could be happen…
      Ok maybe the Basis industry is safe for a few more years yet!

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