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Deployment of Crystal Reports 2008 runtime for VS .NET

Looking through runtime issues for Crystal reports 2008 reported on the .NET Development – Crystal Reports forum and else where it looks tome like we could boil down the issues to three distinct issues. In this blog, I want to point out the three issues and possible resolutions to the issues.


1) It is not possible to use Fix Packs or Service Packs to update any runtime computer. E.g.; FPs and SPs are designed to be used only on computers with full Crystal Reports install. An Attempt at installing a Fix Pack or a Service Pack will result int he error:

Crystal Reports 2008 FP x.y Update can not be installed because the
product it is meant to patch is not found on the system. Setting
the SKIP_PATCH_VERSION_CHECK property will skip this check.

To update runtime deployments, the updated MSM or MSI files must be used. The KBase “1482869 – Error when applying a Fix Pack on a computer with Crystal Reports 2008 runtime only” discusses the issue in more detail.


2) It is not possible to install newer CR runtime over existing older runtime. E.g.; installing SP 3 runtime over SP 2 runtime wil not work and will result in the error:

Another version of this product is already installed.
Installation of this version cannot continue. To configure or remove the existing version of this product use Add/Remove Programs on the Control Panel.

Only  work-around at this time is to create your own msi file or setup project using the Crystal Reports 2008 Service Pack 2 msm files. For more details, see the KBase 1377417 – Unable to install CRRuntime_12_2_mlb.exe or CRRuntime_12_2_mlb.msi over an existing install from CRRuntime_12_1_mlb.exe or msi.


3) Crystal Reports 2008 now relies on the latest VC++ libraries. If the correct version libraries are not installed, a number of Crystal Reports dlls will fail to install due to missing dependencies. For more details see the Blog Topic of the Week – Crystal Reports, Report Application Server, Business Objects Enterprise(The specified item was not found.), updates from 17-Jul-09 and 19-Aug-09. Also see the KBase “1315521 – Error 1904 when deploying the CR 2008 SP1 runtime merge module CRRuntime_12_1.msm“.


For related information see:

Wiki; Crystal Reports v. 9.1 to 12.x  VS .NET Runtime Distribution  & Supported Operating System

KBase 1459758 – An error has occurred while attempting to load the Crystal Reports runtime
KBase 1315522 – Build errors when creating a deployment project using CR 2008 SP1 merge module CRRuntime_12_1.msm and InstallShield

1254170 – Error 1935 when installing Crystal Reports runtime on Vista Operating System
1268078 – Error 1935 when deploying the Crystal Reports runtime to Microsoft Vista Operating System

Remember to always search theSAP Crystal Reports, version for Visual Studio forum forum and the KBase.

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