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First off, thanks to all the people who supported the SAP Workflow community by participating in the Survey that was deployed earlier this year.  Your answers to a variety of questions provide great insight to people like Tammy Powlas and me, who try to plan for ASUG educational events, webcasts, etc. 


Because of your answers, Tammy has a fantastic line-up of WF-related webcasts, sponsored by ASUG, over the next 6 months.  If you are an ASUG member, please check them out, here. I hope you can already see the benefits of your participation!

So, the full results of the survey are stored over as  Google Document, here.   But before you go tearing off to go through some 36 pages of survey results, please allow me to summarize here:

1) The response to this survey was outstanding.  We had 181 respondents, and although that may not sound like a lot, this survey was pretty comprehensive and time-consuming to fill out. 

2) Where we asked for write-in answers, many of you provided thoughtful remarks.

3) 97% of you said that SAP Workflow was important to critical to your core business processes.

4) By far, most of the respondents are on ECC 6.  BW and SRM are the next highest implementations.

5) Workflow development is done about equally by in-house developers and consultants

6) There were many resources that provide information to Workflow Developers and Administrators.  Still, most of you wanted more and better SAP-delivered training, and yes, most of you wanted Certification brought back!

7) Most of us do not have an archiving strategy!  For our core  business process data! (ouch)

One thing that surfaced, thru this survey, and other sources, was the question:

Is workflow dead?

Well, I think Monty Python said it well, in the search for the Holy Grail – We’re not dead yet (but the Spamalot version has better lyrics).  But don’t just take my word for it, go look at what the Best Built Apps team had to say – ‘SAP also recommends that ISVs use the SAP Business Workflow tool for workflows within a pure, ABAP
single-instance application.’
  And while this recommendation is mainly for Systems Integrators, really, aren’t we all SIs?

So don’t throw away your workflow skills.   And thank you for listening, and I hope to see you at SAPTechEd, or an ASUG meeting, or on an upcoming webcast. 

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  1. Tammy Powlas
    I missed it!

    Yes, the survey results matched what I thought – the SAP training for workflow could be improved (maybe it already has – I haven’t attended a workflow class in a long time) and I’d like to see certification back. 

    I liked all of the recommended enhancements by VNSG.

    Great post!

    1. Susan Keohan Post author
      Head smack!
      Of course, VNSG provided us with a separate list of workflow wishes, and there is also a group on LinkedIn about SAP Workflow, so thanks to those people as well. 
      Thank you Martijn Wever and Stephane  Haelterman.
  2. Former Member
    I have a funny feeling that the unfounded reports of workflow’s demise may have come from people excited about some of the new technologies. The thing is, some(many?) of us work for organizations that have severely restricted training budgets in recent years, and thus are not all fully up to speed on the new generation solutions, but we do have resources competent on building workflows that work. If the tried and true functionality of workflow meets the needs of the use case, it makes sense to use the proven solution. We are in the process of developing a new solution that will utilize SAP workflows, so it is certainly not dead here.
  3. Former Member
    Hi Sue,
    Its’ nice blogs explaining how valuable is SAP Workflow for any organization and it shows Workflow is not a demising technology, come on workflow guys we can rock!!!
    My suggestions is we should put up a request to SAP colleagues to bring the certification back.
    1. Susan Keohan Post author
      Hi Imran,
      Of course Workflow people rock.  Thanks for your comment – I would have replied sooner, but I was living my alternate life.
      As for Certification, the future is unclear.  But many people have had great things to say about ‘Workflow in SAP’ courses.

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