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In my last blog Delphi Prism 2011 2011 I mentioned I was investigating how Crystal for VS 2010 (let’s use CRVS2010) would work with Delphi Prism 2011.

The good news is that CRVS2010 works great with Prism 2011, but with some gotchas:

  1. CRVS2010 is a beta so there are issues to be addressed with it still
  2. CRVS2010 is 32 bit only, this means you have to set your project’s properties Build tab to target x86. Do not select Any CPU; this is especially important for those of you with 64 bit OS’s.
  3. Again under the project’s properties but this time under the Application tab you must set your target framework to ‘.NET Framework 4’. By default VS2010 projects target the client framework for smaller distributions, at this point we need the full framework. I do not know if this will change.

At this point for WPF XAML based applications everything worked great, I was able to create a simple viewer application and view reports. I will post a  how to on this hopefully tomorrow. But if you are itching to try this out and are stuck for code just take a read of my last blog, look at the forums, grab any sample C# code and use the paste-as-oxygene function. For those that don’t know what the paste-as-oxygene function is, it converts any C# code that was copied to the clipboard to Pascal. This is a great feature that will make your life much easier.

For Winforms there was one “gotcha” that I did not experience with C#. When creating a Prism 2011 WinForms based application (not WPF) I had to follow points #2 and #3 above but then save and close the project, restart VS 2010 and then re-open the project to get things to work. I believe the issue with this is that by default a C# WinForm application targets x86 where Prism targets any CPU. Our lack of 64 bit components in the beta would cause issues in this case on 64 bit OSs.

 So keep an eye out I will have a walk through to create a simple XAML based application shortly. After this I will be looking a Prism 2011 and Crystal web applications.


Happy Coding! 

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