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Public Sector Budgeting has always been difficult task to implement due to their inconsistent Data,regulations, reconciliation process and stakeholders.

At present most of  Public sector enterprises uses BPS as their planning and budgeting tool ; BPS have been able to address most of the issues/requirements for public sector ; But in near future SAP is going to phase out BPS with finer tools like IP/BPC.

  • BPC

BPC ( MS, NW) is an excellent product from SAP; But there are   many  area’s on which it has to improve. For instance

  1.  Key figure Model – BPC dosen’t  support key figure model applications
  2. Performance : With increase in data volumes the performance of BPC applications are  under Scrutiny.
  3. Number of concurrent users : With increase in concurrent user,number of application servers needs to be increase
  •  PBF

PBF is a web based solution which integrates both SAP as well as Non SAP Data; The main advantage with this tool is single point of data entry ; i.e all budget request data including comments,position etc are entered at one point. apart from this it has been designed by public sector Industry veterans where particular scenario’s related to Public sectors were catered.

I hope with this blog i have explained something about PBF and why SAP is marketing PBF for Public Sector Enterprises.

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