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First, virtual applause, kudos and many thanks to SAP’s Rich Heilman for organizing, managing, and hosting Inside Track Newtown Square.  Thank you too, for allowing me to speak.  Rich mentioned the storm in the video – the power was out all around NSQ, but the event went on!

Rich kicked off the meeting, welcoming everyone, and did a nice slide showing all the companies in attendance.  Christine Godek, SAP, explained that the TechED discount ends in late July, and did you know they have 900 hours of content at TechED (100 comes from ASUG).

Off to the first session: Peter McNulty discussed BPMN and BRF plus.  BPMN requires the Java stack while BPRF plus can be used on the ABAP stack.  I always learn alot when Peter speaks.  If you get a chance to see him speak, do it!

Jim Spath was up next to discuss Working the Crowd. I learned how to look at my followers on twitter and remove those who are just trying to sell something.

Community Led, Community Fed –  SAP Inside Track (Newtown Square) did a great job presenting Business Objects 101 for SAP Experts.  I loved the Bob Hope + Jay Leno slide (BOB + Jay = BOBJ)  I learned a lot of terms I didn’t know before (I see a separate blog coming).

At lunch, I got to talk more ASUG shop with Greg, Mark Hopkins (ASUG Pittsburgh chapter) and Derek Loranca, Aetna.  Marilyn Pratt joined us to discuss more SCN/ASUG event collaboration.

After lunch, my presentation: ASUG Worldwide Workflow Survey results.  Did you know we received feedback from 4 SAP User groups?
User Groups
Did you know that 97% consider workflow to be important to their business process?  Dennis Howlett in the chat made a correlation in the survey data between ranking the usefulness of SAP training (only 62% found it to be useful) and low certification Workflow pass rate.  I mentioned to Marilyn later that was a great correlation he made – something I hadn’t noticed!

In response to the survey comment that good, talented workflow resources are hard to find, Jon Reed,, asked a great question – he sees people mention workflow all the time on the resumes, but do they really have that experience?  I said in my experience, having in inherited one-too many undocumented and poorly written workflows, I wholeheartedly agree with the survey comment.  It’s one thing to activate and develop a workflow, but are you adequately documenting and testing it?

This was the first time I did a face to face presentation along with webcast; there is great value to this as I wouldn’t have made the correlation that Dennis made.  Sue Keohan (who encouraged me throughout all of this) also chimed in virtually with valuable feedback, reminding me that we have been giving useful webcasts (over 200 registered for our webcast last Tuesday) the past few months.  Special thanks to Laure Cetin, SAP, for setting me up, moderating, and supporting me during the session.

Lastly, I attended Expert Tips for BEx Information Broadcasting.  I have presented on Information Broadcasting before but Jeevan really brought things to a whole new level.

I enjoyed all sessions I attended, and I surely wished I could’ve attended all 24 sessions.  That is the ultimate for very successful event.

Towards the end of the day, I met people who flew in from Chicago for the event. I asked them if it was worth it and they said yes. I asked KK from Deloitte Consulting how he found out about this event – he said learned about it from Enterprise Geeks.

As an unexpected bonus, I have already secured 2 Inside Track speakers for ASUG webcasts.  Also at the evening reception, I spoke with Laure Cetin and Sylvia Santelli, SAP, about more ASUG collaboration.

Thanks to all who attended in person and virtually.  If you haven’t attended an Inside Track yet, I highly recommend it. 


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  1. Susan Keohan
    Although I couldn’t get to Newtown Square physically, I did get to attend some sessions virtually.  Thank goodness they have been captured for the rest of us to enjoy – soon as I find the link?  But even from afar, the passion, energy, and collaborative spirit was easy to feel.
    Kudos to all the organizers, speakers, attendees.
    I think that the SAP Inside Track movement is gaining a lot of momentum!
  2. Greg Myers
    Thanks for your re-cap of the day, Tammy. There was so much content to absorb that I think everyone’s schedule was different. It was awesome to have so many choices! I was also impressed by the turn out. So many SAP Mentors, and even more ASUG members! Certainly not a day I will soon forget.
    1. Tammy Powlas Post author
      ITA (I totally agree).  I wish I could’ve attended Craig’s session, Thomas Jung’s sessions, Derek’s session…I’ll have to catch the webcasts!
  3. Former Member
    Tammy,Greg,Rich – and others – the Inside Track was great.  Like ASUG events, you all demonstrated value of community in continuing to learn and develop your SAP system.  While not a true technology guru myself, the importance of learning about what technical tools are available and what they can do is absolutely fundamental to my job!  Without people like you to keep teaching all of us – SAP can become just a sea of unfamiliar acronyms. 
    1. Tammy Powlas Post author
      Sherryanne, it was great to finally meet you in person after all these years of seeing you on  I look forward to collaborating with you in the future.


  4. Former Member
    SAP Inside track sessions were informal and informative. It is also an event where you can meet the ‘rock stars’ of SCN, expert speakers and talented attendees. The evening get together was a good way to network with lots of folks.

    Thanks for well-written blog, Tammy.



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