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SAP Business Objects Planning and Consolidation 7.5 version for Netweaver introduced the functionality of Drill Through. Drill Throughs are not new to the Microsoft version of SAP Business Objects Planning and Consolidation. However in the Netweaver version they were not there in 7.0NW and are introduced in the 7.5NW. Moreover they have different functionality. In this blog we will explore some of those features to set our expectations from the Drill Through functionality in SAP business Objects 7.5 version for Netweaver.

What is Drill Through functionality:

Drill through functionality primarily involves ability to see the source data that refers to a cell in a report.  In our case, it is a cell in an Excel report in SAP Business Objects Planning and Consolidation 7.5 version for Netweaver. The source data may be present in any system external to the 7.5NW application. The data can reside in the underlying ECC system, in BW system or even some other non-SAP system. At present, in order for the Drill Through to work in 7.5NW system, some conditions need to be met. These can be helpful to decide when we should use Drill Throughs.

When to use Drill Through and when not to use:

  • If you want to access another report from a cell in the Excel report from a 7.5NW system and if that report can be delivered with an url, then that is a good case for using Drill Through.
  • If that report can’t be delivered with a url, then at present, that report can’t be viewed by using Drill Through. For example, if you want to drill through to multi-screen (complex UI) transactions in ECC, that is not supported. However all ECC transaction that can be accessed on web through Internet Transaction Server (ITS) can be good cases for Drill Through.
  • If you can pass parameters from BPC to the underlying application, then you can use Drill Through. For example, if you are drilling through to a BW report and you want to pass the information about the Account and Time dimension values of the active cell then you can configure the Drill Through to pass any property or value of those dimensions as shown below.



  • As you can see from the above screenshot, in addition to the available dimensions, user defined values can be passed as parameters as well.
  • At present, the system supports the variables Current Date and Current User in the mapping. The format of Current Date is %CURRENTYYYYMMDD%, where YYYYMMDD is replaced by the current year, month, and day. You could then use %CURRENTYYYY% for sending out only the current year. The format for Current User is %CURRENTUSER%.
  • If the target url can’t be mapped to the property/value of the dimension directly and needs some intermediate processing before accepting the value, then at present, it may give an error page. Hence such cases are not good candidates for passing parameters. We can think of some workarounds in implementation projects for such situations so that direct mapping can be easily done. For example, creating additional properties for those dimensions that will have the processed values or doing the processing in the target system etc.
  • We can define multiple Drill Throughs for an application and all the available Drill Throughs are presented to the user during execution.
  • If you want to call Drill Throughs using Custom Menus, then that can be done with the EvMnu function MNU_eTOOLS_DRILLTHROUGH_RUN. The syntax: for that is: MNU_eTOOLS_DRILLTHROUGH_RUN(“drillthrough id”)




How to create and execute Drill Throughs:

  • In order to use create Drill through, select ‘Add Drill through’ from the Administration Console of 7.5NW. In the guided wizard, specify the drill through ID and description.


  • Specify the parameters that need to be mapped



  • The above steps will create a Drill Through. In order to execute the Drill Through, from an active cell in BPC Excel report, click on ‘Drill Through’ in the action pane. This will display the available Drill Throughs.  



  • Once a particular drill Through is selected, the parameters defined in the drill Through, can be passed to the target url. In the screenshot below, the dimension member values are passed to the BEx variables. If the target system requires user authentication before allowing the access, the user may be presented with the log on screen from the target application.



  • Last but not the least, there are two tasks that secure configuring the Drill throughs and executing them. ‘ManageDrillthrough’ task is required for configuring the Drill throughs whereas ‘EndUSerDrillThrough’ task is required for Drill through target to be visible during execution of reports/input schedules.



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  1. Former Member
      Thanks for providing nice information. I have a question on this. Can we interept the parameter value which we  pass to URL?

    For Ex : If i pass an account number “45467738” from BPC, I want to change to “0045467738”. Is this Possible?

  2. Former Member
    Nice article. I have a question. Is it possible to pass on multiple values (ex: multiple company codes representing a region) thru the URL to drill through for an ECC txn (and enable multiple selections).



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