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Reading the interesting document titled SAP’s Release Strategy for Large Enterprises I suddenly discovered a mysterious prophecy related to year 2015.

Studying from page 37 to the end, I realized that all the current releases of the SAP products will be supported until December 2015. Applying the current 7–2 maintenance strategy we could expect that the latest components will be supported till 2017 but it is not the case. It’s important to note that Enhancement Packages (EhPs) are not shifting the end of the maintenance period that remains indeed related to the main release. For example, SAP ERP 6.0 EhP1, EhP2..EhP5 will be all supported till end of 2015.

So I started to ask to myself: What cataclysmic or transformative events will occur on December 31.12.2015 that I’m not aware?

Maybe The Mayan Prophecy of 2012 is wrong and, thanks to its wonderful products, SAP knows that the final year is 2015.

Maybe the balanced marble ball placed in SAP’s Walldorf headquarters hide a mystery. Will it end to rotate at the end of 2015 ?

I like to guess which kind of discussions we will have during SAP TechEd’16, yes 5 years in the future a lot of things will change but I hope TechEd will still be there.

I’m pretty sure that drinking coffee in the SAP Community Clubhouse we will hear the following questions:

  • Do you remember before Cloud Computing when each company were running SAP on its own servers?
  • Do you remember before in-Memory Computing when Business Intelligent systems were aligned via daily batch procedures?
  • Do you remember before iPad when we still used Keyboard, Mouse and SAPgui?

Now, let’s return back to the reality.

I strongly recommend to everybody to read the official document SAP’s Release Strategy for Large Enterprises that it’s available at in chapter SAP’s Release Strategy for Shipments from 2005 onward.

Please note that a SAP Service user-id is required.

I found this updated version very interesting, it explains most of the concepts presented at SAPPHIRENOW 2010 including the Mantra of the year that is On Premise, On Demand and On Device.


Study History To Understand Present And Future

If you agree that to understand the Future it’s importnant to know the past I suggest to have a look to my previous blog unofficial Timeline of SAP

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  1. Former Member
    Good article.

    Your points about the 7 + 2 support, means that say you are a customer and it is 2012. You are looking to upgrade or re-implement, your ECC5 solution to ERP6 to use some of the new Enhancement Package functionality.

    Some customers would wait and see what is happening, as they would only be getting a couple of years of main support.

    With this in mind SAP needs to be very clear as to its future plans, otherwise they will be a situation where there are no new ERP licences from 2012 until 2015.

    This would surely hit their revenue estimates and a plan would need to be in place, to entice new customers and existing customers on to ERP 6.

  2. Former Member

    This reminds me of the Confucius statements “If you want to dive the future study the past”, which you ahve also mentioned…



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