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Key Concept

Web services are open interfaces that allow you to link loosely coupled systems with a

technology that does not bind them to any particular programming language or platform. Web services represent an industry-wide standard and are defined by the Web Service Definition Language (WSDL) file.

Web services offer you the flexibility to extend an application’s capabilities to support specific business processes without the need for extensive coding or complex integration. For instance, you can use Web services to allow your customers to access your product and price information from their procurement systems and create sales orders in SAP Customer Relationship Management (SAP CRM) by linking the procurement software to your order management application.

Web services can let you exchange the data between different system for example from ERP to CRM by proxy, or between ABAP and Java which even doesn’t have to be SAP products, web service is language independent.

Web services can also help you to work offline by uploading data from SAP CRM to an

Adobe form that you can modify offline and synchronize later. This way you can pass leads,  for example from SAP CRM to your channel partners, by e-mail or send service tickets to service technicians out in the field. They then receive all the information they need and can respond and add new data simply by filling out the form.

Web services can also let you work online by web dynpro to access the data from another system.

Web Service Tool in SAP CRM 2007

SAP CRM 2007 provides a new Web service tool that allows you to model your individual Web service interfaces without spending long periods of time on ABAP or Java coding. With the Web service tool, you first model your service design object by choosing the needed attributes. Then the tool transforms those service design objects into Web service interfaces by plugging into the standard SAP NetWeaver application programming interface (API).

Uses for Web Service Tool

Prior to SAP CRM 2007, you had to create Web services manually by first creating the

needed function modules, and then using the SAP NetWeaver Web service creation wizard to create the respective web service interface. This process could take several days, depending on the interfaces available to build on. The Web service tool can shorten this time to less than a day.

Web Service Tool Features

Features within the Web service tool that allow you to maintain and manage your Web

services include the following: Default values, Ability to change attribute names, Copy functionality.

In this tutorial, I’m going to show you how to use and enhance the web service tool and set the default value on CRM 2007, all the attributes of web service are standard SAP field, not the customer field, how to enhance the customer field and generate the related web service is not covered in this tutorial.

Double click sales operations:


In help value of business object, you can find all the standard web service which is created SAP, I choosed campaign and search.


notice that the naming conversion is the customer web service is Z* or Y*, you can create, delete or copy the standard web service, then modify the attributes.


I copy the standard web service CPGCRTRC and named Z_Customer_Camp, notice the service object settings:


Query: has request and response, use to elements to find the basic data.

Read:  just get data from the system. It doesn’t change the value.

Create: create the new data to the system.

Change: change the existing data in the system.

Since I copy the standard web service to create campaign, so I got the default value create. But if you want to create new web service, you have to choose one.

Save web service and select attributes: choose the root node Campaign, SAP has the default attributes, you can select and deselect the attribute based on the requirement, here I select Campaign Code, and confirm selection.


Maintain attributes: you can maintain the attribute and set the default value for the attribute. I set default value ‘0001′ to attribute coupon code.


Save and activate the web service, after the activation, SAP generate button wsdl and test page automatically. Click WSDL button, SAP display the wsdl file for you.


In the browser you can find the name and url of web service, In the web page you can find all xsd schema, all the schema match the data type from the ABAP dictionary. URL is the location where can be used by any system and all over the world as long as the user has the authorization to logon to the CRM system.

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