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SAP recently launched a concept called ‘Idea Place’. The whole idea is very simple. The objective is in the betterment of products by feedbacks (or ideas in this case) from users and developers.


Do you have any ideas in the space of Process Integration? Do you want to see more features (feasible ones I assume) that can better SAP PI?


Well If you do want to drive a change maybe you can vote a request for an idea. I have made a suggestion for a new topic ‘Process  Integration and the future’. Do log on to ideaplace and vote if you are interested.



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  1. Former Member
    Hi Shabz,

    Correct if I am wrong on this and I do not know whether this functionality is there in 7.3 , but I think reading an excel file is quite cumbersome.
    We have a requirement where almost all the interfaces have excel coming in as a source.
    I understand that adapter module does the trick, but as a developer( a novice in Java 🙂 ) I would like to see SAP come up with something which can take excel through simple FCC or something like that.
    Any good?

    1. Shabarish Vijayakumar Post author
      SAP has already provided a standard module.
      But they can only take action on the excel 2007 files i.e the xlsx files.
      For any older version, still stick to the custom module 🙂

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