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As you all are aware we have a Integration kit named Introduction to Integration Option for Microsoft SharePoint software version 1 , supported in SAP BusinessObjects  Enterprise XI3.1. The same supports only 32 bit version of Microsoft SharePoint 2007.


64 bit vesion of Sharepoint 2007 now being the preferred choice of customers and given that the SharePoint 2010 is only a 64 bit release, we lack the support till our XI4.x is released.


We have tried to provide a mechanism which can help you create webparts in 64 bit Sharepoint 2007 , which enables viewing and browsing like a content explorer ( a.k.a URE)


BOE XI3.1 provides the web services support. Installation of BOE XI3.1 product installs and hosts the web services on machine. Considering the nature of Web services, XI3.1 web services API can be used to view the BOE document in the 64 bit project.

End user can refer these binaries in their 64 bit application to access the functionality of BOE document.


Click here for the document which explains how to create a webpart using  java webservices


Click here to access Sample Code for a .NET Application


Note : This is not an officially supported release. Queries are most welcomed. 

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  1. Joaquin Casas Baca-Castex
    Hello Mr Amit, first of all congratulations, i´ve just found your blogs and docs like ( very useful. I´m not an expert and may be it´s a silly question but i would like to confirm if its possible to implement the following SSO-autentication procedure.

    User entering through MS Sharepoint, then enter BO, then consult some info in BW and everything supported by LDAP.

    I think it´s possible but i´ve just found some problems because IOMS 1.0 (It´s not available yet, right?), and if i use Sharepoint 2010 i will have to wait until IOMS 1.0.? BO users must be the same as BW users in LDAP to avoid possible problems?

    I know… many questions… sorry…
    Thanks in advance.

    Joaquin Casas


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