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Video: Why & How To Blog on SAP Community Network?

In a podcast that I recorded with Kevin Benedict, John Appleby and Jon Reed on the topic of mobility this morning (soon to be published), blogging on SAP Community Network was a topic. Everybody chipped in on why they do it and how they got started. It’s simple, easy and you should do it too. If you’ve been meaning to be involved with social media, this is your chance to take the first step forward. There are so many reasons to blog, ranging from being a “pay it forward” type of person who shares their knowledge with their peers to wanting to gain a reputation and beefing up your resume.

Well, don’t take my word for it. Kevin was so kind to put together a video  today talking about exactly what it takes to blog on SCN and how easy it is.  (Kevin has a lot of credentials on SCN – he has mentor status. Here more information from his email signature: SAP Mentor, SAP Top Contributor – Enterprise Mobility; Principal Consultant/Founder, Netcentric Strategies LLC; Mobile and M2M Industry Analyst; Mobile Enterprise Consultant, Web 2.0 Marketing Services.)


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  • Because it’s fun.  You get to reach out to your peers.   You might even get a few that agree with you.

    It’s educational  – sometimes someone will add a comment that makes you think about your idea in a different way.

    It gives back to SCN.  I get so much knowledge from this site.  It is nice to give a little back.

    “Meet” more people.   When you go to SAP events, it’s a great ice breaker if someone has read what you’ve written.   Then you get to expand your own network.

    You have a place to “rant” if you need one.  And you’ll find a sympathetic audience.  Or at least a thoughtful one.  There is always a different perspective.  Sometimes that helps too!

    I have a ton more reasons….

    But probably my number on reason – Why not blog?  I can’t think of any reasons not to blog.  Of course sometimes I have time constraints. 

    Nice one!


    • Some more great reason! Thanks for adding them. I suggest people who are not sure about blogging should check out some of your posts to see high quality and get good ideas!
  • Easy peasy lemon squeezy.

    I think that blogging on SCN could become even easier as the software is still not quite state of the art when compared to a tool like wordpress 3.0 .

    But that is only a minor gripe.

    If you can get over that then you are ready from prime time on SCN and all the reasons mentioned in the main blog and the comments are GREAT reasons to get started TODAY.

    I have been having this conversation with some colleagues for 3 years but alas… they are yet to catch the bug.

    just my 2p,


  • i too have started blogging … waiting for the approval …. lets see how it turns out my life …

    moreover a nice blog on blogs ….

    Cheers ,


      • Actually Michelle and Dewang, what we need is more quality content, not just more contributors.  Dewang, creative use of the blog comments to trigger response from the moderators that view the blogs on the queue waiting to be vetted.  I can answer in kind here….and there.  Paying scrupulous attention to grammar, formatting, spelling as well as creating a very personal, informative and communicative way of explaining your ideas are key to getting published.  I’d also recommend having some kind of action for the reader to practically do or intended outcome.  That in addition to many of the other ideas that Jeanne Carboni outlined in her most recent blog on blogging.
        Glad to see the interest and passion around quality and participation.  With that combination we are always ready to support and listen.
        • Agreed.

          But I would argue the more people who try to blog – the better the quality.  There will be more gems that are found from a lot of blogs than from 10.

          Also a lot of people don’t blog.  For a variety of reasons.  But one is that they are afraid they are going to blog about something everyone already knows about.

          So search to see if it is out there.  If it isn’t and you follow Marilyn’s guidelines, you may be surprised at how many people didn’t know about your trick.  They didn’t know your story.  They had no idea that someone else had the same problem…  And the list goes on…

          Slightly disagree,