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SAP Netweaver Portal and SAP BW integration

Recently i had a chance to Integrate BW Server in to Portal Server (EP7).Although the Template Installer makes the Life Easy for this task, it’s important to know what it does, and what to do if any error occurs.

We decided to do the setup manually to get the feel of things, before we can use the Template Installer.

I am sharing my experience of the same.

Most important:

            Read the following SAP Notes

                        0000917950      –>SAP Netweaver 2004s Setting Up BEx Web

                                    This describes the process thoroughly.   

                        937697             >Java-based Diagnostics & Support Desk Tool </p><p>                                    This tool helps in identifying issues with the configuration and suggests the solutions also! (It also points to sap notes for further reference)</p><p>       </p><p>The configuration will be easily achieved if Portal admin and BW admin sit together.</p><p>Preparation</p><p>Make sure that there are Entries in the Host File and Services File of the Portal Server which point to the Appropriate BW Server.</p><p>Important to do a ping test from Portal OS to BW Server.</p><p>Entry in Services File is imp for JCO Connections. </p><p>Otherwise Error Message may be thrown like service sapmsXXX unknown.</p><p>Following are Tips for some of the activities based on my experience of the same!</p><p> </p><p>* Create RFC Destination in J2EE Engine.</p><p>!|height=1|alt=|width=1|src=|border=0!!|height=1|alt=|width=1|src=|border=0!!|height=480|alt=create rfc va|width=629|src=|border=0!</p><p>Error Message: Error Adding Bundle!</p><p>Solution*: Check the portal Log File for the exact error.</p><p>Logon to nwa and check the default. trace file, find the error and correct it.<br />Use [http://<hotname>:<port>/nwa | http://<hotname>:<port>/nwa]</p><p>Default.trace can be found usnig the menu<br />Monitoring>Logs & Traces


Then try to create the RFC Destination.

In one of my case, the BW User was locked due to incorrect password!

*Create an RFC destination for SAP Portal in SAP BW </p><p>Name of the Program_ID must match with the name provided in Step 1.</p><p>Important to Test the destination!</p><p>Also note that Send Assertion Ticket option to be Checked after SSO Activity!</p><p> </p><p>Maintain the Portal Server settings in SAP BW(SM 30)</p><p>There may be already existing entries for portal.</p><p>Make sure your Portal is marked as Standard Portal!</p><p> </p><p>Maintain Single Sign-On in SAP BW</p><p>            Make Sure the Server Properties are set properly in the BW Server</p><p>            Login/accept_sso2_ticket</p><p>            Login/create_sso2_ticket</p><p>            Icm/host_name_full</p><p>            Icm/server_port_0</p><p> </p><p>            Changing the properties requires server Restart!</p><p>            (Thats why it should be the first activity in the process!)</p><p> </p><p>Import the Portal Certificate into BW Server</p><p>            Make sure to add the Proper SID and Client when adding the entry to ACL</p><p>Login Module Configuration in J2EE Visual Admin.</p><p>After importing the BW Certificate in to the Portal, the Default values will appear in the EvaluateAssertionTicketModule</p><p>         Start  Visual Admin and navigate to the security provider service<br />and edit the evaluate_assertion_ticket</p><p>!|height=314|alt=VA LoginModule1|width=637|src=|border=0</p><p> </p><p>    You need to add three more entries</p><p>            trustedissX</p><p>            trusteddnX</p><p>            trustedsysX</p><p>The Number X is calculated as +1</p><p>            if there is already a entry trustediss1 then your entry will be</p><p>            trustediss2</p><p> !|height=322|alt=VA Login Modle 2|width=640|src=|border=0!</body>

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  • Over a dozen times, I’ve had a group of people trying to troubleshoot a portal/BW configuration problem for hours.  Then I simply open the Diag tool and follow the “RED” steps to fix the issue. I really wish everything in the SAP ecosystem was this well designed…makes our jobs so much easier.
  • Thanks for the nice blog.

    RSPOR_SETUP is outdated and should not be used any more (for example, it does not recognize the ABAP/JAVA patch dependencies properly). Please use the Diag Tool that you mentioned.

    FYI, we are continuously improving the template installer, which will make these type of system connections even easier in the future.


  • There have been lots of hypes to replace BEx Web and BW Web template with BOBJ front-end tools. Nice to see someone are still staying with BW Web solution. My guess is that these users are still happy with their BW Web solution. Visual Composer apps can deliver lots of goodies.

    Would like to hear user experience from those who made move from BW Web to BOBJ Front-end tools.