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Making SAP Inside Track successful


Does SAP Inside Track have to be a mystery or something detached from those outside the SAP Mentor Community? I think that lattter view would be a travesty.

Check this Animoto view of the SAP Inside Track London event held last week, accompanied by an explanation provided by the founders of this movement, Darren Hague and Nigel James. Please excuse the quality of the sound track. Nigel was recording his part of the conversation under the stair of wherever I found him. I was trying to scrunch down a 13 minute conversation into a few precious moments. It’s not perfect. But heh – are any of us willing to say we write the perfect code?

As a participant at these events for two years running I can confidently say that  SIT represents a great learning opportunity unshackled from the need to be an uber geek. For my own part, I consider myself to be a ‘semi-geek.’ I code when I have to….and only under duress.

My hope is that those who see this vid will be encouraged to spread the idea virus.

My thanks to both Darren and Nigel for making SIT London 2010 a truly inspiring event. As someone who criticizes SAP relenetlessly at my ZD Net foghorn, I cannot speak highly enough of the welcome, tolerance and understanding that attendees give to these events. Darren and Nigel are setting the stage and pace….learn, enjoy and critique.

For my part, I am proud to be associated with this movement.

UPDATE: I had requests for a link to the full conversation. Now included.

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  • Dennis,
    This was a great introduction to how SAP Inside Tracks were started, and how people can organize their own Inside Tracks. 
    Darren and Nigel get gold stars for taking the initiative.
  • Dennis,
    Thanks for the inside scoop on SIT. I’m very excited to be a part of it this year in Newtown Square. It’s nice to hear why this came about.


    • Woohoo.  Thanks to these guys: Nigel, Darren, Dennis and also especially to Rich Heilman in NSQ I get to meet you too (our latest blogger Greg 🙂 )

      You all have set the bar so high.  I’m bringing cameras and will be taking pictures modeled on Martin G.’s wonderful flickr set but I can only envy the podcast, video formatting ability.
      Still, I’ll give it a shot tomorrow.

      Thanks from me as well to this inspiration.