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The scenario is JDBC to ABAP proxy.

PI reads data from the external database and writes the data into SAP tables. Besides I need to call functions, such as retrieving sales organization, in the proxy.

After I add the codes, data was not inserted into SAP table. It looks like the proxy is not executed.
Then I set a Breakpoint and try again. Debugging is not triggered.

And then set an external Breakpoint. Go to ‘Utilities’, ‘Settings’:




Here enter user PIAPPLUSER.  The proxy is executed by PIAPPLUSER in background. I find out why:

 PIAPPLUSER has no authorization to debug.

 PIAPPLUSER has no authorization to call the functions.

 PIAPPLUSER only has a role of SAP_XI_APPL_SERV_USER be default.


So modify the profile of PIAPPLUSER in the SAP system.

At last, I can debug the proxy, and the scenario works out.

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  1. Vijayashankar Konam
    PIAPPLUSER supposed to be used for accessing the PI system from outside. I do not think this user is by default created on ECC system. Usually separate RFC service users are created on the back end systems, whose credentials would be used in the RFC/XI communication channels on PI. These users are provided with required authorizations so that they can execute them on the back end system.



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