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Update on the CR for VS 2010 Release

November 5: The production launch is imminent.  See Crystal Reports for Visual Studio 2010 Launch Imminent for more details. 

Updated November 3 2010 to be more specific about the production release.

Updated June 28 2010 to include the Beta 2 release.

Back in March when we first provided a schedule update, we expected the production release, along with runtimes to be available in late June.

Unfortunately we’ve encountered issues with the runtime size, and to address it properly we need to adjust the dates.  ETA for the production release is now November 15 2010.

This was a hard decision for us, but the alternative was to release a runtime that was much too big to meet the market requirements.  We know this is materially different from what was previously communicated and will force our customers and partners to adjust roadmaps and potentially their choice of reporting technologies.  But it was clear if we continued on the path we were on, what we would ship would be poorly received due to unacceptably large runtime size.

The scope and features of the production release remain unchanged from what was previously communicated, described Crystal Reports for Visual Studio 2010 Beta Update.

UPDATE: We can now confirm a Beta 2 release for early August 2010.  This release will be feature complete, and include both 32-bit AND 64-bit runtimes.  However the runtimes will be affected by the runtime size issue. 

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  • Thank you for the update.  Is there a 64 bit RunTime, bloated as it may be, that you could share with us.  If not, is there someone that I could speak to on the phone to troubleshoot the issues that I am having when trying to set the application pool to 32 bit on my Windows Server 64 bit iis?  I need to be able to demonstrate my new reports to the board members on Friday.
  • Is it possible to release the 64 bit runtime alone for selective customers / consultants, who want it desperately for their deliverables?

    I am one such Consultant, heavily depending on this particular component and my deliverables have taken a very bad hit.

    Awaiting your response in this regard.

    • Yes, we understand the hit and are exploring the option of releasing a 2nd beta which will include the 32 and 64 bit runtimes.  If we can indeed deliver this, we’ll announce it along with timing on this blog within 2 weeks.  Thanks, Blair.
      • Blair, thanks so much for considering that release. I will await your update on that. I sincerely hope there would be another beta release which addresses 64 Bit Runtime issue. I have a plugin which is neither extendable nor could be scrapped due to various reasons. I need this runtime release very badly.
  • Hi, I had a look to some of the blogs and I’m a bit confuse, following links posted from post to post, so I really hope the answer is not somewere else, if so, sorry to use your time.

    Is there a way to install the VS 2008 Crystal report editor on Visual Studio 2010 ? Or are all the VS2008 projects that used CR 2008 are to remain on VS2008 until november ? I dont know exactly what the new features are but for my level of report, I doubt I really need them, but If I cant edit the reports it’s a bit annoying.

    • I tested for the second time (with more understanding of what was going on) to “deploy” the beta version on my server following Mandeep Jassal’s instruction and it worked well, So I guess I will continue using the beta version on our server until the release is available, anyway I dont do any other deployment other than one server, so I should be fine. Dont put any more effort to find the solution I was seeking, as other seem much more in a hurry than I am… 😉
    • Hi Raphael,

      The developer components included with CR 2008 do not support VS 2010.  You can use either CR 2008 or the beta CR for VS 2010 to modify your RPT files.  If you have a choice of when to migrate projects from VS 2008, we recommend waiting until November, because that is when the runtimes with .NET 4.0 support will be released and formally supported.

      Thanks, Blair

  • Hi,
    Can we use CR for VS 2010 Beta Release on production database up to November 2010? Or else, I assume there is no way I could integrate crystal reports with VS 2010 (up to November 2010)…
    • There’s 2 sides to this.  The legal side and the practical side.  On the legal side, the license agreement says that we don’t allow the beta to be used in production systems.  On the practical side, we’re supporting the beta on a best-efforts level only, and only through the forums.  If you’ve done your testing and are confident that it works, we can’t stop anyone from using the beta in production.  Just be aware our ability to help is limited in case there’s an issue.
  • Can you please answer our questions Mr. Wheadon as we are all desparate to use Crystal Reports in a 21st century production environment.
  • Hi, i made a application in visual studio 2010 and made some reports using Crystal Reports for visual studio 2010, but the aplication show a error when load a report, i need know if exist crredist for vs2010 or exist another software for my apllications.
  • I am new to Crystal Reports.  I got it when I purchase Visual Studio 2010 to redsign a software package I wrote in Microsoft Visual Foxpro.  I am designing it to run on 64 bit computers and thought it was the best solution.

    I did not know that the system would be rendered useless because I have no way of generating reports from my new system.  I tried following the instructions to use the CR2008 runtimes, but each time I loaded a form, it threw an error and stopped. 

    Would it be possible to added to any email list you may have that notify designers of changes to the status of ANYTHING that may help with the deployment of software written that was intended to use Crystal Reports. 

    • Fair request John.  When I have new blog entries on VS 2010 (in fact I’m going to write one now), I’ll write a short comment on my prior blogs so that anyone who has commented will be notified of the news.

      Thanks, Blair

    • Thanks so much, Blair. That’s really very helpful for me to plan. I do hope this release, irrespective of its size, would help us great deal.
      • Brilliant- you refer to CR for Visual Studio… but didn’t make it clear that the standalone application will also be following the same schedule.
        • Sorry – I misinterpreted your question.  I need to correct my original answer.  Standalone Crystal Reports 2011 will release in Q1 2011.  Thanks, Blair
          • Hello,

            Do CR for VS 2010 and Standalone Crystal Reports 2011 have any relationship? For example, if I install Visual Studio 2008, I get Crystal Reports Basic for Visual Studio 2008. After this, if I install standalone Crystal Reports 2008 on a computer already containing Visual Studio 2008, I get additional features. Will there be any such scenario with CR for VS 2010 and Standalone Crystal Reports 2011?

          • Good question.  No – they are completely decoupled.  When you get CR for VS 2010 you get our complete solution for .NET development.  There are no additional features provided with Crystal Reports 2011.  This means .NET developers get a better reporting tool for no cost, and Crystal Reports 2011 has a smaller footprint and is faster to download.  Developers should still consider Crystal Reports 2008 (or 2011) to design reports as it provides features like editable preview, saved export options,  and the ability to embed Flash into reports.  Thanks, Blair.
          • Hi,
            what a shame!!!
            I’ve installed full Crystal Reports 2008 with SAP integration kit. So when want using the connection features of SAP int. kit or other advanced features of CR 2008 Pro within VS 2010 espacially for connect to BW Query – it won’t work.
            Now and in future i have to use VS 2008 for that – did I understand that right?
          • With the release of BOE XI 4.0 next year, a MSI will be available that supports both XI 4.0 and .NET 4.0.  This can be used with VS 2010.

            Unlike today, this will be a completely standalone MSI and will have no dependencies on the CR for VS .NET 2010 runtimes.

            If you’re using BOE XI 3.X with your SAP integration kit, then yes, you have to continue to use VS 2008 with that.

            Thanks, Blair

          • It took a while to research the response here.  SAP note 1207181 describes the original issue and solution.

            SAP note 1435991 describes a cleaner solution that addresses the truncation problem.  This was implemented after CR Basic for VS 2008 was released.  This will be picked up in CR for VS 2010 and should be in the current beta.

            To use note 1435991 with CR for VS 2010, modify the reg keys in the note to replace “Business ObjectsSuite 12.0” with “SAP BusinessObjectsSuite XI 4.0”

            SAP notes can be searched at

            Thanks, Blair

  • Hello Blair,
    i use VS 2010 RC, and installed the CR Beta 2. When i try to create a new Crystal report there is only a notification (web page) to install CR for VS. Can you help me?


  • I installed the beta version but whenever I try to open a new project, keeps asking me to download again.
    I searched around and it appears that it wont run on VB2010 Spanish version.
    If this is true, when will a Spanish version will be available???


  • Hello. Hope someone can shed some light for me. I have VS2010 and installed cr4vs2010 and CRforNet40_x86. Then I added a new crystal report to my project and got the following issues : The type or namespace name ‘Shared’ does not exist in the namespace
    But these are added to my project as references :
        using CrystalDecisions.Shared;
        using CrystalDecisions.ReportSource;
        using CrystalDecisions.CrystalReports.Engine;

    Crystal reports developed in previous versions of Crystal Reports also dont work in VS2010. But I can get them to work sucessfully in previous versions of Visual Studio like VS2005 and VS2008.

    Why is this happening ?

    Could someone please point my into a direction that might help me.

    Thank you in advance.

  • On installing with the following prerequisite checked:
       SAP Crystal Reports Runtime Engine for .NET Framework 4.0
    .. received this error:
    Crystal Reports for .NET Framework 4.0\CRRuntime_32bit_13_0.msi
      has changed since it was initially published.