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A few weeks ago, SAP supported the launch of the Green Products Innovation Institute (GPII) at Google HQ together with California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, William McDonough, Wendy Schmidt, CEO’s from a significant number of SAP customers, and about 200 other sustainability leaders.   William McDonough announced that many years of intellectual property will be donated to the GPII by as the basis for new open standards development around the Cradle-to-Cradle Design Framework.   This WSJ article has details of the event.  



This video from SAP co-CEO Jim Snabe taken from SAP’s recent sustainability report outlines why C2C is important for SAP.  


The Cradle-to-Cradle Design Framework (C2C) is a holistic approach to making our planet a sustainable, and prosperous, place for all.  C2C takes into account five criteria across the creation, use, and regeneration of a product: health, reutilization, renewable energy use, water stewardship, and social responsibility.    C2C drives innovation by “remaking the way we make things”.   Governments and companies around the world are starting to adopt C2C inspired practices (see this Beyond Copenhagen).    


SAP’s corporate vision is to make the world run better.   Remember, about 24,000 of SAP’s approximately 93,000 customers are manufacturing customers.  They make things. This quote from Peter Graf, Chief Sustainability Officer at SAP sums up our opportunity:  “SAP powers businesses representing about 60% of the world’s GDP. We are uniquely positioned to enable and lead the world’s business networks into a new, more profitable, and sustainable mode of operation based on the Cradle-to-Cradle framework. Together with the Green Products Innovation Institute and our customers, we can unleash the type of innovation that only industry focused IT can ultimately drive.”




Want to Find out More?

For more background about C2C see short videos of William McDonough @TED or @Walmart.   You can also view the award winning 50 minute documentary Waste = Food at Google Video or read about it here.  Also see Intelligent Product Systems  or buy Cradle to Cradle:  Remaking the Way we Make Things.  


BTW, after you view Jim’s video, I recommend checking out the whole SAP Sustainability report.  The SAP Sustainability Team did a great job producing this report and turning it into a web 2.0 dialogue.  The report is at the cutting edge of sustainability reporting. 


Please note:  I volunteer as an advisor to the GPII.

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  1. Former Member
    The event was truly inspiring.  I’m really excited that we are participating in this effort and am looking forward to seeing what we can accomplish together with the other participants.

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